Republic Airline - Cadet Partner

Silver Airways and Wayman have partnered to have instructors interview early on in their careers and received conditional offers of employment pending they reach the 1,500 hour ATP minimum or relevant waivers quantity with college degrees. Cadets will also receive guidance and mentorship from the Republic team as they build their experience. Republic has a base at Miami International Airport and flies for American Airlines.

Sky West - Career Partner

SkyWest Airlines and Wayman have partnered to have cadets that reach 1,000 hours interview in preparation for airline careers.  Candidates are flown to the training hub and observe ground school and training. Conditional job offers and seniority allow cadets to complete their experience building with the confidence of job placement with partners in Delta, United, and American Airlines.

Silver Airways - Career Partner

Silver Airways and Wayman have partnered to gaurantee interviews for Alumni, Flight Instructors, and Pilots with 1000+ of experience. This allows aspiring aviators to gain 121 airline experience locally without having to leave the Greater Miami area.


ExpressJet – Airline Pilot Pathway Program

 ExpressJet and Wayman Aviation Academy have joined together to help students who complete the Professional pilot program, and then their CFI, a flow into the regional airlines operating for United Airlines, with a guaranteed interview. This interview can be done as soon as completing your Instrument rating, at ExpressJet’s hub in Houston Texas. 

Alumni Airline Careers

Congratulations to all our Wayman Alumni that are flying around the world as first officers and captains. Below are just a few of the Airlines that have hired Wayman graduates.