Why should you become a pilot?

How to Become a Pilot


A new blog post by a semi-international flight student

Last weekend while driving back from Miami my Uber driver asked me what I did for a living. I said; ‘I’m a student pilot right now’. To which he replied; ‘When I was younger I also wanted to be a pilot. But I never got to do it. Are you going to be flying jets soon?’.

Do you ever meet somebody who says that they wanted to be a pilot? Or maybe you are one of those people? I meet them a lot and they always ask me the same question; what I love about being a pilot and why I chose to become one, even though I am still a student pilot now. My Uber driver inspired me to write a new blog. So, here are some reasons you should become a pilot.

Knowledge, skills, & management

Nobody ever stops to think about this but flying really combines these 3 things; knowledge, skills & management. Why? – you ask – what’s so hard about flying an airplane? Well, you need to learn and master a lot about weather, aerodynamics, the plane you’re flying in, think about the type of engine you have and how long you can fly with the fuel that’s on board. Regulations and the type of airspace you’re flying in and it’s distinct set of rules are also really important to know. And with all of this I’m just scratching the surface!

“Some of us learn flying an airplane fairly quickly and for others it takes a bit longer to learn.”

Besides all this knowledge you have to develop the skills to fly an airplane. Learn what it feels like to takeoff and land with crosswind, do all kinds of maneuvers (these are fun to do!) and navigate while just looking at your instruments. Some of us learn flying an airplane fairly quickly and for others it takes a bit longer to learn. But believe me, as a pilot you never stop learning. That’s why it’s all about experience.

But, how does management come into play while being a pilot? Did you ever hear a pilot say the phrase ‘Stay ahead of the airplane!’?. A big part of staying ahead of the airplane is due to good cockpit resource management. There is a lot to do while flying and knowing what you need to do and when you need to do it is really important. Think about talking to the tower, writing down and looking up different frequencies, keeping the plane level and much more really. Management also really comes into play when you’re flying with somebody else. Together you manage the flight. Maybe the captain you are flying with has a different opinion on how to do an approach? These are all things you eventually have to manage in what I like to call ‘discussion situations’.

A beautiful career and the places you see

Do I have to say more? You’ll see so many beautiful places as a pilot. Even when you’re flying locally or nationally. I’ll personally never get tired of the sunrise or sunset. Especially when I’m sitting in the cockpit and cruising through the sky. But, my personal favorite thing to do in the air is flying at night. Cruising over cities and seeing all those lights twinkling just gives me a great feeling.

Airbus and boeing predicted that the world will have a shortage of pilots in the coming years. If there ever was a time to start your flight training it is now. A career of a pilot is truly amazing.

Wayman Aviation can help you get to that right seat. I feel great, blessed and humbled that I get to follow my dream of becoming a pilot. And that I get to start this journey at one of the best flight schools in the US. Remember, don’t let anything hold you back. If this is what you want to do, just go for it.

I love to help potential students that have any questions, I have been where you have been. Feel free to leave a comment!

Safe landings!