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Wayman Flight Instructor Stories: CFI goals and first Students

If you have been following the blogs & articles I write you might have noticed that I am a flight instructor now. The journey has been long, but it feels great to be able to teach people how to fly. To be another step closer to my goal of flying for the airlines while sharing my passion and knowledge with students. With this series I will keep you up-to-date on my progress as an instructor and career goals; which are getting to a regional and eventually a major airline. I hope to share insightful information with you during my journey to 1500 hours. Because that is what it is-A journey.

After getting my CFI license I was tired. I needed a break. So, I went home, disconnected from everything that has to do with flying, yes, I didn’t even watch Top Gun or Sully, and re-energized myself. After a nice two and a half week vacation on Curacao, I took the AA big bird back to Miami. I was ready to open a new chapter in my life; flight instructing.

Do the students know you are a new instructor?

My first official flight as a flight instructor was a cross-country from our main base at North Perry Airport to Bartow and back in a Cessna-152. It was a very routine flight and the student I was with handled everything properly. I just coached him here and there. Most students from the recent class were still working on getting their TSA’s, so I didn’t get assigned any students yet. However, I did get assigned a few more cross country flights. Which is great, but can be challenging in this stormy summer Florida weather.

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Stormy summer weather makes for some interesting flying

Eventually, I received my first student assignments and started teaching. Now, you might be thinking. You are a new instructor, do students know you are new? A lot of students have fear of getting a new instructor. I remember thinking the same thing when I just started flying. “I hope I get a very seasoned instructor”. Which makes sense, right? With all the money you are investing in your flight training. I understand where this ‘concern’ comes from. However, students should know the truth; If you pass your very difficult CFI checkride, you are ready to teach. I am glad I got the best CFI training possible with CFI Bootcamp at Wayman Aviation Academy. 

My old private pilot instructor, who is at the regionals now, showed me how to do this the proper way. It really didn’t seem that I was his first student. He was very knowledgeable and always prepared to help me out. Yes, as an instructor there are many more things you can become more efficient at and learn more. However, teaching somebody the fundamentals of how to fly isn’t and shouldn’t be the issue. 

So, are you starting your flight training soon? Remember, trust your instructor. He’ll help you get to your aviation goals safely. Because he or she has been there and knows the path ahead of you. They already went through the hundreds of hours of studying, checkrides, 6am flights and study groups. The stripes on our shoulders are not given, they are earned.

I’m really looking forward to flying more with my students, teaching them all I know and helping them get to their aviation goals. I’ll enjoy the process for sure and am looking forward to the future.

Safe flying and I’ll see you up there,



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