Wayman becomes an “Authorized Training Supplier” for The Boeing Company

Press Release

wayman aviation academy

Miami, FL – The Boeing Company has chosen Wayman Aviation Academy as an “Authorized Training Supplier.” After successfully training several of Boeing’s international pilots at Wayman Aviation Academy’s North Perry (KHWO) facilities in South Florida. Another groundbreaking achievement reached by Wayman Aviation Academy this year. 

The Boeing Company, maker of the 737 among many more, is the largest Aircraft producer and aviation service provider of the world for more than a century. Wayman was chosen from among the most experienced and professional Flight Academies, in order to train international pilots for Boeing. In the first training contract 6 foreign pilots were trained to the level set by Boeing and the FAA. They will then receive type ratings with Boeing at their 36th Street Miami simulator center. 

 Wayman Aviation Academy was able to do conversion training with these foreign pilots in 29 days from Private Pilot, through Instrument and Commercial Multi-Engine Pilot certification. They previously had foreign military flight training at a professional level. Wayman’s dedicated Operations and Management team worked together with these dedicated and experienced foreign military pilots to break the training record. Previous Project Management professional (PMP), Test Flight Engineer to BDS, and current Wayman Admissions & Sales Manager Erkan Ozmeric says: “Combination of discipline, dedication and 34-years of academy experience enabled us to accomplish the training- in a record breaking 29 days with zero delays and issues.”

The Academy went through 2 years of vetting, visits, inspections, and negotiations prior to being approved as one of the few “Boeing Authorized Training Suppliers.” The high caliber of certification follows the Academy’s ACCET accreditation and FAA 141 & 145 certification. It’s high commitment to safety and standards is a welcome validation for students and instructors.

Wayman Aviation Academy, based in Pembroke Pines, FL, and operates a fleet of more than 42 aircraft. It is the largest and longest running flight school in South Florida for over 34 years. Wayman specializes in flight training for international and local students from their first hour of flight through to commercial pilots and Certified Flight Instructors ready for careers with our 5 airline partners. The school works with Miami Dade College, Liberty University, and the Greater Miami Aviation Association. 

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