Top 5 Wayman Videos

How to Become a Pilot, Student Tips

Top 5 Wayman Videos

With this crazy year coming to an end and the release of our new promotional video, we thought it might be a good idea to look back at some of our older videos. Besides flying and taking our students to their aviation goals with our mission ‘Changing Lives Through Aviation’ we always do our best to show what we do at our Academy. Without further ado, here are our favorite videos!

Our New Promotional Video

We are very proud of our new video. It took a while to set it up and realise the vision we had for it. But when everything was set and done it came out exactly how we wanted it to – Showing the faces behind our operation, from students to instructors, staff, management and what we do here at Wayman Aviation Academy; Changing Lives Through Aviation. Check it out, and let us know what you think.

Tour of the Flight Academy With MzeroA

We have been partners with MzeroA for a few years now, it was a lot of fun when they dropped by for a quick video tour of our Academy. Part-time students that are not able to sit in a full-time ground school can use MzeroA to do the theory on their own schedule. It’s 100% recognized by Wayman. They have done several presentations at our North Perry Airport location. In this video they visit and see how it’s integrated into our training. 

Insight Aviation with Top Gun Rob Ceravolo

InSight Aviation is our weekly webinar where Eddy, our Vice-president, talks about everything aviation related with different guests. We have had Captains from United to First Officers at Cargo companies. In this video we sit down and talk with Rob Ceravolo. Former F14 fighter pilot and Top Gun graduate. He started his own seaplane airline Tropic Ocean Airways. They fly charter throughout the Keys, Bahamas, and Caribbean.

This Is How We Welcome Our Flight Students

Before the pandemic started we would greet our new students during our monthly Safety & Recognition meeting. Besides welcoming our new students in a warm way we always highlighted student achievements during this meeting too. Being part of an Academy means joining a dedicated group of students and instructors. This is a pretty big departure from sometimes isolated individual flight training.

One Day As A Student Pilot

A short video two of our graduated students made when they were flying with us. It shows how they spent most of their days; flying, studying and making the most out of their time here in sunny South Florida! This was the result of a contest to match the song Vacation from the Dirty Heads. “I’m on Vacation, every single day because I love my occupation”