The Spirit Wings Pilot Pathway Program

  • Fully funded ATP/CTP and Jet Transition course
  • Fast track as a First Officer in Spirit
  • Mentorship with Spirit Airlines pilots

How to Become A Spirit First Officer

Step 1

Enroll into Wayman

Join Wayman’s Airline Pathway Program and get your Private Pilot license, Instrument Rating, Commercial Single, and Flight Instructor Ratings.

Step 2

Become a Flight Instructor at Wayman

Apply for a position as a full-time flight instructor. Receive rigorous airline-oriented training and build flight hours.

Step 3

Apply for the Pathway Program Once You Have 500 Hours of Flight Time

Once selected, you will have access to many benefits provided by Spirit including mentorship by the line pilots. The recommendation from Wayman gives you the direct path to the flight deck as a First Officer with Spirit Airlines.

Step 4

Become a Spirit First Officer with a minimum of 1,250hrs

After achieving 1,500 hours (or 1,250 hours with R-ATP) and fulfilling all training criteria, you will a top candidate to be employed by Spirit as a First Officer.

Spirit will fully fund the cost of the required ATP/CTP and Jet Transition course at the designated location.

Join our successful alumni


  • At least 18 years of age and in good health able to pass FAA Medical exam.
  • High school diploma, or equivalent (Foreign diploma needs to be evaluated for equivalency)
  • Pass English screening (non-native English speaker)

Tuition & Fees

$69,866 Vocational Program
$95,833 with A.S. College Degree (Flight Instructor Track)

The payment plan is flexible with the options to pay the full amount upfront or in monthly installments to ensure affordability and accessibility for all students.

100% Financing Available

Full Financing* for US Citizens, Residents, and Non-Citizen students living in the US.
*For those who qualify.

Find out your eligibility to the Spirit Wings pilot pathway program now

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Admissions Specialist

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