Start Your Flying Career In a 737 In Europe

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We have a unique FAA/EASA program that students can start participating with. In this intensive 16 month course you’ll go from zero-hours to the cockpit of a 737 in Europe. Start your career with one of the fastest growing airlines in Romania; BlueAir. Don’t know what an EASA license is? Read this article to get an overview.

Let’s take a look at our original Wayman Aviation Professional pilot program, before we dive into our Blue Air program.


Simple, yet effective. We’ll provide you with the tools you need to go from zero-hours to an FAA Commercial multi-engine pilot in about 8-10 months. However, it is possible to do it faster, or take longer. It all depends on how much time you put into it.

“From zero-hours to the cockpit of a 737 in 16 months”

During this course you get to fly our efficient cessna’s, sturdy pipers with retractable landing gear and powerful multi-engine seneca’s. You learn to fly with a six-pack and fly a couple of hours to get proficient in our G1000 too. We truly believe that a great pilot is able to fly both glass-cockpit and traditional six-pack. Our goal is to  produce the best pilots possible. Check out more information about our FAA Professional Pilot Program here.


As you can see, the program is structured the same however it is combined with EASA theory and topped of with an EASA commercial license with a 737 type rating. In this intensive course you’ll go from zero-hours to the cockpit of a 737 in 16 months.

Work on getting your FAA Private Pilot License combined with the EASA ATPL ground. As soon as you get your Private Pilot License you’ll take 3 EASA exams. Afterwards, you start shooting ILS, GPS and Localizer approaches for your Instrument Rating all here at Wayman Aviation in sunny Miami, Florida. Before heading to Europe you need to finish your time building and get all your EASA exams. Don’t underestimate this program, it is really tough, but definitely achievable with the right mindset, study habits and most importantly of all; the will to get the job done.

The price for the whole course is $95K and includes the 737 type rating! It is important to know that Blue Air will arrange your work permit in Europe. After 5 years you may even qualify for a European residency! Sounds like a great opportunity? It sure is! Get in touch with our admissions team via; learn2fly@wayman.net

We’ll have more information on this program on our website soon! If you have any more comments feel free to post them below. We’ll do our best to get back to you.