Spirit-Wayman Pilot Wing Pathway Program

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Wayman Aviation Academy, one of the newest aviation colleges in the state, announced a unique partnership with Spirit Airlines through their Spirit Wings Pilot Pathway program. The program will provide graduates with easily accessible, local mentorship with Spirit Airlines pilots and a fast track to a career in aviation as a First Officer with the airline. 

What also makes this partnership unique is that Wayman Aviation is the only flight college in the country, and in Spirit’s program, that trains future pilots using Competency Based Training & Assessment (CBTA), a superior standard of flight training recommended by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Our partnership with Spirit through its Spirit Wings Pilot Pathway program highlights the level of trust airlines are placing in Wayman Aviation’s rigorous training standards,” said Eduardo Luy, Vice President of Wayman Aviation. 

Wayman Aviation will not only be helping Spirit Airlines tackle the pilot shortage by sending pilots into their ranks sooner, thanks to this program and Wayman’s R-ATP certification. They will also provide better-formed pilots armed with CBTA training and an associate’s degree in aviation sciences. 

As innovators at one of the best aviation colleges in the state, we have adopted a process called competency-based training which allows our students to be much more advanced in the principles of aviation safety at the early stages of their career compared to students from traditional flight schools,” said Tony Shen, President of Wayman Aviation. 

Wayman Aviation is excited for this partnership with its hometown airline Spirit as it aligns with Wayman’s mission of providing the industry with the best-trained and most well-prepared pilots possible. Their headquarters are located only 15 minutes apart in Broward County, Florida.


Wayman’s mission is to Change Lives Through Aviation. We take passionate cadets and help them achieve their dreams through rigorous training in quality aircraft with quality instruction. Over the last 35 years, Wayman Aviation has developed into one of the premier flight training colleges in South Florida. Wayman offers full career preparation from FAA certification to college degrees and flows through to airlines such as Republic, Sky West (American, United, Delta), Spirit Airlines, and Silver Airways. For more information, please visit www.wayman.edu.

How to Join the Spirit-Wayman Pathway Program

  1. Start Flying, enroll with Wayman at the Private/Instrument level for 500 hour consideration. Join Wayman as a CFI/II for the 1,000 hour reccomendation.
    • Pathway students recieve an entry-interview
    • A Spirit mentor
    • Visit the HQ and simulators
    • and recieved a Spirit issue EFB with Foreflight and all the Spirit study materials.
  2. For students that started with Wayman Aviation from PPL or IFR a reccomendation letter can be granted to join the Spirit Pathway Program at 500 hours.
  3. For CFI/II that start with Wayman post-CPL, they can be considered for reccomendation after 500 hours of dual given (approximately 800-1000 hours TT)
  4. Student must be in good financial, academic, and professional standing with the Academy to recieve a letter of reccomendation.