FAA Approves Lower Airline Pilot Hours for Wayman


Wayman Aviation students can now qualify for airline pilot jobs sooner

Pembroke Pines, FL (June 29, 2023) – Wayman Aviation Academy, one of the newest aviation colleges in the state, announced it was been granted a restricted privileges airline transport pilot (R-ATP) certificate for students earning Wayman’s associate degree of aeronautical science. This certificate enables students to enter the airline pilot workforce with only 1,250 hours instead of the 1,500 hours required without the R-ATP. 

Reduced ATP Hours

This certificate will enable Wayman to send pilots into the workforce much sooner, which will help alleviate the airline pilot shortage crisis the aviation industry is currently facing. A study published by Canadian Aviation Electronics (CAE) on the demand for pilots in the commercial aviation industry has highlighted that the industry will need nearly 264,000 more pilots globally over the next decade to keep up with demand and nearly 65,000 in the United States.

As innovators at one of the best aviation colleges in the state, we have adopted a process called competency-based training which allows our students to be much more advanced in the principles of aviation safety at the early stages of their career compared to students from traditional flight schools, said Tony Shen, President of Wayman Aviation. “Thanks to our unique teaching processes and our newly granted R-ATP certificate, we will send more pilots into the airline workforce sooner with much more advanced safety knowledge than many of their counterparts,” he added.

Beyond bringing pilots into the aviation workforce sooner, Wayman Aviation will also be making the skies safer for everyone thanks to the implementation of CBTA, which encompasses complete flight phases with real-life scenarios per session, allowing well-trained evaluators to grade trainees on nine pilot competencies based on well-defined observable behaviors. Furthermore, CBTA enables individualization in training, which not only enhances training effectiveness but also helps increase trainees’ confidence.

This certificate not only enables Wayman to help alleviate the pilot shortage in the United States, but it also aligns with Wayman’s mission of providing the industry with the best-trained and most well-prepared pilots possible. Through Wayman Aviation, students can rest assured they will be getting the best training possible to keep the skies safe for everyone. 


Wayman’s mission is to Change Lives Through Aviation. A school is a perfect tool for change. We take passionate cadets and help them achieve their dreams through rigorous training in quality aircraft with quality instruction. Over the last 35 years, Wayman Aviation has developed into one of the premier flight training colleges in South Florida. Wayman offers complete career preparation from FAA certification to college degrees and flows through to airlines such as Republic, Sky West (American, United, Delta), and Silver Airways. For more information, please visit the company’s website, www.wayman.edu.