Professional Pilot Program

The objective of the professional pilot program is to prepare students for safe and effective careers as professional pilots. It is designed primarily for international students. Students who complete the program will be ready to fly commercially as a pilot. Typically, a pilot who completes the professional pilot program will work as a pilot in banner towing, corporate flight, or other general aviation industry segment. Many students will continue after program completion to become flight instructors to build the flight time requirements for airline pilot careers. Students must hold a FAA private pilot certificate for admission to this program, but may be conditionally admitted while they obtain their private pilot certificate at Wayman Aviation Academy. Completion time is approximately 10-12 months from starting the Instrument rating. Admission requirements include holding an FAA medical certificate, FAA private pilot certificate, and satisfy all requirements of the enrollment agreement including satisfaction of all prior financial and performance requirements of private pilot training if the private pilot training was completed at Wayman Aviation Academy.

Private Pilot

Instrument Rating

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Professional Pilot Program


Flying isn’t a difficult skill to learn. It takes passion and dedication to makes this dream a reality. Get more information with an admissions specialist.



Entry Requirements

Students must be within 6 months of 18th Birthday or older. High School Diploma or equivalent

Be Able to Read, Write, and Speak English at ICAO level 4 standards

Hold a 1st Class FAA Medical (After US Arrival)

International Students will need an M-1 Student Visa & TSA clearance

Get 20 Minutes of Pilot Career Counseling


Get One-on-One WebCall with an admission specialist. The specialist will help you eliminate your doubts about the student pilot requirements, enrollment and training process.



Flight Training is an estimate that includes all courses, flight time, and fuel. These can vary with personal ability, weather and other factors

For I-20 Processing and English Screening Fee the first payment will $349. For those who need accommodation there is a separate deposit.  Tuition payments are divided in to $5000 per month. First installment is $10,000 due to pay 5 business days before the Class Start Date.

Budget ~$4,600 or 10% of program tuition for Additional Expenses such as TSA fees, Fingerprinting, SEVIS Embassy Fees, FAA Medical, Written Exams & Practical Exams