Pilot Industry Update

Industry Update

Welcome to the FIRST edition of Wayman’s Pilot Industry Update. We hope to bring you the latest information about the aviation industry, airlines, pilot hiring in South Florida and internationally. 

This weeks pilot update includes,

  1. Israel’s El Al Airlines moving US headquarters to Miami.
  2. Envoy Pilots receive enhanced pay & work life balance.
  3. SkyWest Airlines proposes seat removal to allow pilots with less certifications to fly.
  4. American Airlines Regional Carrier offers triple pay in July.
  5. American Airlines proposes 17% pay raise for pilots.
  6. American Airlines Pilots get 300% pay after scheduling issue.
  7. Wayman Aviation’s Insight Aviation Podcast with Stevo1Kinevo.
  8. Frontier urges Spirit to delay shareholder vote to consider there best and final offer.
  9. Big pay rises secured for PSA Airlines’ Pilots.
  10. United Airlines pilots in line for a big pay raise.

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 1. Israel’s El Al Airlines Moving US Headquarters To Miami.

      The Israeli airline El Al is moving its headquarters to South Florida in an effort to save money.


 2. Envoy Pilots Receive Enhanced Pay & Work Life Balance.

      Envoy pilots negotiate a new contract featuring 50% increase to pay and  better work rules.


 3. Due to Pilot Shortage, SkyWest Airlines Proposes Seat               Removal to Allow Pilots With Less Certifications to Fly.

     SkyWest, under a new subsidiary called “SkyWest Charter,” has made an application with the U.S.             Department of Transportation to modify a number of Canadair jets to only hold 30 passengers,               there by allowing pilots with lower-level certifications to operate the aircraft as a “public charter.”


 4. American Airlines Regional Carrier Offers Triple Pay in July.

    American Airlines subsidiary, Envoy, offers triple pay to pilots who fly open trips in July.


 5. American Airlines Proposes 17% Pay Raise for Pilots.


    In a new proposed contract, American Airlines offers pilots a 17% pay increase.


6.  American Airlines Pilots get 300% Pay After Scheduling Issue.

American Airlines pilot

After a glitch in the scheduling system, American Airlines pilots are getting paid 300% pay on trips that were dropped due to the mistake.


7. Insight Aviation Podcast With Stevo1Kinevo



8. Frontier urges Spirit to delay shareholder vote to consider there best and final offer.

Frontier Airlines has asked Spirit Airlines to delay a shareholder vote on merger to attempt to receive more support from voters amid a bidding war with jetBlue.


9. Big Pay Rises Secured For PSA Airlines’ Pilots.

American Airlines owned PSA Airlines negotiated a deal that the average pilot makes 57% more annually.


10. United Airlines Pilots In Line For a Big Pay Raise.

The largest pilot union negotiated with United Airlines that would boost pilot pay by 14%.