Commercial Pilot

A Commercial Pilot Certificate allows you to fly an airplane for compensation or hire. It is the final capstone of the Professional Pilot Program. At this point your experience behind the yoke could begin paying for itself. Commercial part 61 training is composed of two simultaneous courses. The single engine course is 10 hours of flight in a Beechcraft Sierra BR-24. At the same time students are mastering multi-engine procedures in the Piper Seneca. Students reach the 250 hours and take the single engine commercial flight test. That is immediately followed by a Multi-Engine add on checkride. How long will it take to get my Commercial Pilot License? Full-time students who dedicate themselves to obtaining a commercial pilot’s license can do so within a 2 week period. If you have a regular job and can only dedicate a few hours a week, then it may take about four(4) to six(6) weeks to accomplish it. What kind of Aircraft will I train in? Wayman Aviation currently offers a Piper Seneca I with a Garmin 430 system and a Beechcraft Sierra for students interested in obtaining their commercial pilot’s license. This is a “complex” aircraft with retractable landing gear, electrical flaps, and a variable-pitch propellers. How many flight hours are required? The Single engine rating can be done in 10 hours. The multi-engine add on is 13-20hrs. Ready to Start? Fill out the Student…

Instrument Rating

The Instrument Flight Rating (IFR) is your second step in aviation. The ability to fly at night or in poor weather opens many opportunities for longer and more varied flights. The knowledge gained from being able to fly an aircraft solely with instruments adds confidence and ability to your growing experience. This course will make you a strong and more confident pilot. Why should I get an instrument rating? You already know how to fly, but that is just the beginning. If you are looking forward to a career in aviation instrument flying is how the pros do it. When you are in an airbus at 35,000 there are no visual references making VFR flight impossible. Enroute flight and instrument approaches is how you safely get from point A-B and land on the numbers. For hobbyist the added safety and confidence of being able to get through that unexpected weather or schedule slip that has you flying at night is priceless.   How long will it take to get my Instrument Rating? Our students usually accomplish the full program within a month when dedicating themselves full-time. When you reach Instrument training students already know how to fly. It is just more technical. This leads to less additional training and more on time completions. Taking advantage of our Frasca Mentor simulator also minimizes weather delays. Can I do it in my own airplane? Absolutely, our instructors will be happy to help you earn your Instrument Rating in your own aircraft….


Multi-Engine rating opens the gates to new and exciting aircraft. Most high-performance and long-range aircraft have more than one engine. This rating gives you the knowledge necessary to safely and effectively control a multiple engine aircraft with retractable gear. How long will it take to get my Multi-Engine Rating? Certification can be accomplished in one week of dedicated flying. What kind of Aircraft will I train in ? Wayman Aviation currently has a Piper Seneca I available for those interested in achieving a multi-engine rating. Want to learn more? Contact us at +1 (305) 685-6468 or via our online…