Our Waypoints: Curiosity



What is Curiosity? Is it asking questions? And why is it so important for us, at our flight school? “I don’t know, let’s find out together”. For us curiosity means never stop learning and always keep growing. Sometimes you come across a person who thinks he or she knows everything. But don’t forget; as soon as you get your first pilot license (Whichever one it may be) it’s more of a ‘License to learn’ instead of a masters degree in knowing everything. We want curious people to work for us. Here’s why.

As pilots there are so many things you have to know, understand and apply; it’s mind boggling really. Even the best pilots still need to look things up sometimes. At our school we want to teach our students to know how to find answers. That may be one of the most important things.

“Never stop learning and always keep growing.”

There is a quick activity you can do yourself to find out in what you’ve been ‘curious’ about. Ask yourself this question:

“Think about something you’ve learned recently, and how you’ve learned it.”

Feel free to share with us what you’ve learned in the comments below, and check out this video of our vice-president Wayman Eddy Luy talking about curiosity.


There are four ways that people usually learn; visual, audio, kinetic and reading. A visual way of learning is let’s say via a video on youtube. Or you can learn something while listening to a lecture in class or through a podcast. A kinetic way of learning something is actually doing something and learning while you are doing it, in aircraft or a simulator for example. Or you can learn via the classic way; reading a book. These are all different ways people learn. Especially during flight training at our school these four ways are used quite a lot, in different ways.

For us at Wayman we think it is important to never stop learning and always to keep growing.  If there’s something you’re not really sure about? Well, then; “Let’s find out together”.