Our progress manager

There are a couple of things that really make Wayman Aviation Academy unique. Besides the new building, ramp and having one of the biggest fleets in South Florida there is also a progress manager. What is a progress manager? Who is he? What will he do for you when you come to the school? And what in the name of the aviation lords is a Safety and Recognition meeting? Read on and meet Christian our Progress Manager.

  • Tell us a bit about yourself, where were you born? Where did you grow up?

I was born in Costa Rica, I grew up there until I was 18. Then I moved to North Carolina for 20 years. I did some education here in the US & Costa Rica. Then I decided to move to the US permanently and I’ve been here since then.

  • What brought you to Miami?

Aviation, I got out of a job with another aviation academy that was in a difficult transition.

  • What brought you to Wayman?

I got the chance to work with Wayman through Pam Am. I worked there too. Wayman was providing services and I was the manager of that. They liked what I was doing and here I am.

  • What is it that you do here exactly?

I ask myself that too all the time (Laughs)! But, to keep it very simple the objective of my job is to make sure our students are graduating within the timeframe and budget we offer. It comes down to quality assurance and I keep an eye on their training progress. You can see me as a liaison officer too! When I have to, I keep communication with parents.

  • So, basically guiding students and keeping them in check is a big part of what you do?

This is my objective for the students. The way I do that is I monitor their training from beginning to completion. I observe the quality we provide with training. I check for any inconsistencies. If there are any I flag it and I bring it to my superiors. Then we discuss what the best thing is for the student. I try to identify what makes the customer comfortable and what is the most efficient with the budget and timeframe we offer.

  • What are your goals with your job?

That our customers complete the training with the highest quality, within budget that we offer and in the timeframe that is required.

  • Do you love your job? And what do you love about your job?

I do! I do so many things. I am a sheppard, preacher, uncle, mother and a little bit of everything (Laughs)!

Student Leaders

                                                                     Some of our Student Leaders

  • Can you explain us a bit what the Student Leaders do?

The Student Leaders are an outreach team and are some of the best students at the school. They have certain attributes that have made them progress faster than other students. They are also eager to help others complete their goals. We’ve put together a few of these students now and it’s going great.

  • And what is your vision for it?

The student leaders will always continue evolving. They improve and they learn from themselves by helping others. We will always have new student leaders because some graduate and others come in.


Marcelo was the first to complete the Express Track!

  • Can you highlight some things not a lot of students or staff know about yet? I heard something about an express track this week? What is that exactly?

The express track doesn’t mean that you are going to train fast. What it means is that you will have a checkride reserved from the moment you start here at the academy. Everyone is on the express track when they arrive here. We estimate when you will be having your checkride. Usually it is about 14 weeks later. We will give you a date, if you are able to complete all the phases and reach the milestones accordingly you will have a checkride. In case you are delayed we will schedule a checkride when you get to that day. It is a good thing to be on the express track.

  • How do you become a high achiever?

We have 5 different categories. Students who reach their solo in minimum time, private students who reach it with the least amount of hours or weeks, highest written score tests, same for the commercial license and for all the writtens. Every four months we take all of the best averages and then we decide who the high achievers are. Then we recognise them in the Safety and Recognition meeting.

  • Safety and Recognition meeting, what is it?

This is a monthly event that is assembled by the student leaders. We talk about safety and recognise the achievements from that month like solo’s or somebody getting their license. We have pizza and a lot of fun. Training is very individual so it’s great to come together as a big group

  • Anything you want to say to future students? Any tips?

Study a lot, be prepared to work and have fun! I’ll always be there in case you need help with something.

Christian fills a very unique roll at Wayman Aviation Academy. Instructors teach, students learn, and staff work. As the progress manager, he monitors and is an advocate for the student. He tries to make sure that our cadets reach their goals. The school and parents greatly appreciate the extra level of attention to detail.