Wayman Aviation Opa Locka to Relocate After 30 years

Pilot Shop

OPFwayman72.jpgThe Miami aviation landmark for nearly 30 years will be relocating it’s Opa Locka Executive Airport facility at the end of November.

Fans and alumni of Wayman Aviation have been filling the halls, classrooms, and famous Miami pilot shop at Building 209 since 1994. Before that the company was located in the former Navy barracks at the field. The flightline will relocate to Hangar 106 Suite 10 at Orion Jet Center. It will have 24/7 access to the FBO and fueling. Wayman Pilot Supplies will move to the south side of the airport at 13497 47th Ave A2, on the corner of 135 Street and 47th Avenue. That is between Lejune Rd and 57th Avenue, across from the grass covered WWII Bunkers on the south side of the airport. This is in addition to the location that opened at North Perry Airport last year.

KOPFmovingMap.jpegMiami Opa Locka Executive Airport (KOPF) has been modernizing since Miami-Dade Aviation Department divided the field among 3 developers in 2004. Since then AVE has developed on 57th Ave, Orion and Fontainebleau have built new FBOs. That effort has finally reached the east end of the field. Infrastructure construction in preparation of new hangars and warehouses will sever taxiway Bravo. This will eliminate airside access to tenants in the South East end of the airport.

Wayman Aviation has been located at building 209 since 1994. It is the former navy infirmary dating back to World War II. The Waymans have been maintaining the building independent of Miami Dade Aviation for over a decade. Ancient plumbing, electrical systems, and the constant onslaught of the South Florida sun has left the company ready to modernize.

In 2015, with the knowledge of a pending move Wayman Aviation opened a beautiful 18,000sqft facility at Hollywood North Perry Airport ( KHWO ) only 20 minutes away in Pembroke Pines. It has been described by FAA Inspectors as “the best flight training facility in South Florida.” Today it hosts international aviation students, ground school classes, simulators, maintenance, and a complete pilot shop.

Wayman Aviation will conclude operations at Building 209 on November 23, Thanksgiving weekend, and reopen the following Monday 11/28 at Orion Jet Center and the pilot shop at 13497 47 Ave.