After weeks of UI sketches, content plans, and revisions Wayman.net version 4.0 is now live. Wayman Aviation was originally founded in 1985 and saw the potential of a website to communicate with far flung students and clients in 1997. Over years the many iterations have brought news, photos, and scheduling to the web.

The goal of this redesign was to bring the huge archive of information available up to the top. The front page is now automatically updated as new content is added throughout the site. A slew of information about ratings, aircraft sales, and services is available for those how wish to dive into the flight opportunities offered at Wayman.

A few key elements differentiate this release from previous versions. Miami.aero is now the public source for news and information about aviation in Miami. It is also the primary channel for press releases and announcements from Wayman Aviation. Check it out from time to time, or subscribe to the feed, to get the latest information from KOPF, MIA, TMB and all of Florida, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Our well connected editors will regularly post news that appeals to them and hopefully to you.

The website is tightly integrated with the social web. Students and alumni have been enjoying the Wayman Aviation Facebook page for a long time and now those regular announcements of student accomplishments will automatically post to our front page and to the Student Photos page. Similarly, quick notes from our twitter account @WaymanAviation and deals from FourSquare will keep you connected to the latest from Wayman.

Students will appreciate the ability to log into their FCMS accounts to view schedules and review flights. The next great add on will be a resource center with weather, frequencies, maps and a live KOPF ATC feed. Enjoy the site and feel free to contact the webmaster if you have any suggestions or come across any bugs.


Wayman Aviation