Miami-Dade College Flight Training Partner

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Wayman Aviation is an official partner of Miami Dade College’s Eig-Watson School of Aviation. This is an exciting collaboration that gives students all of the resources of a large public college and the benefits of an intimate 1-to-1 training environment. Wayman’s mission is to Change Lives Through Aviation. As the largest college in the United States MDC impact thousands of lives every year. Student pursuing a degree in Professional Pilot Technology Program will receive high quality ground training at Miami-Dade College and complete their in-aircraft flight requirements at Wayman.

MDC offers a 2 year Associates degree in Professional Pilot Technology. Ground schools are conducted on campus and flight training is done with Wayman Aviation. Students enjoy in-depth college classes on topics from Aerodynamics to Airline Operations. MDC students that are US Citizen/Residents have access to Federal Student Financial Aid, grants, and scholarships.

International Students that have completed the Wayman Professional Pilot Program can transfer to MDC’s Professional Pilot Technology Associates Degree program. This requires a new F-1 Visa from MDC. Commercial Multi-Engine Certified students will receive 22 Credits for their FAA licenses. 34% of your AA Degree is completed!

General Education and Aviation theory classes are available at MDC North Campus, Online, Miami International Airport campus, and Tamiami Aviation Campus. CME Transfer students can work On-Campus at Wayman Aviation Academy after 2-4 month (CFI training & Work Permit processing) up to the 2 years to complete the AA degree. Students that decide to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in business or any other major this can extend to 4 years. Upon completion students can do 1 more year of Occupational Professional Training (OPT). That is a total of up to 5 years a student could live, fly, study and work in the USA as a professional pilot.

All students must notify & dual enroll with Wayman Aviation when registering with MDC
Wayman Aviation Admissions: Learn2Fly@wayman.edu (305) 685-6468
MDC Aviation Contact: Kimberly Pineda at KPineda2@mdc.edu (305) 237-5950
MDC Visa Questions Contact: Jose Tamayo JTamayo@mdc.edu (305) 237-5227

MDC Flight Team

Wayman Flight Training is a sponsor of Miami-Dade College’s Intercollegiate Flight Competion Team. Every year hard working students from MDC travel to Flight Team meets through the South East. These competitions consist of Spot Landings, Aircraft Recognition, Flight Planing, and Airman Knowledge. It is a great opportunity for young aviator to go out and get to know other schools, pilots, and the aviation community. Wayman supports this endeavor every year by providing 2 aircraft at cost for the team’s use. We love seeing those Blue Tails out at competition. If you are an MDC student, Join the Flight Team!