Marcelo: Our Honorary Student

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It was a normal day at our Academy. Students were flying and studying. The airplanes were getting fueled on the ramp and there was some excitement in the air for the grand opening of our new building. Everybody could feel it. However, the biggest excitement of the day came from our student Marcelo. At first glance he seems a bit shy, however this passes as his eyes light up when he starts to talk about his passion; aviation. Besides being a down-to-earth 18-year old, Marcelo is our newest commercial multi-engine pilot. He finished the whole program in 10 months sharp, was a student leader at our Academy and is one of our ‘Honorary students’. I decided to catch up with him before he moves back to his home country of Peru, to start his aviation career. What is next for him? And how was his journey from zero-hours to a commercial-multi engine pilot?

Can you give us a brief introduction about yourself?

My name is Marcelo, I was born in Lima, Peru and I am 18 years old.

How did you get to Wayman Aviation Academy?

A friend of mine was already studying and flying here. He started in 2017. After I finished my highschool I was looking for some aviation academies here in Florida. He told me about Wayman, I came to check it out with my family, I really liked it. And then I came here.

That’s great, and you finished our whole program in 10 months?

Yes, I did.

And what would you say is the secret to finishing the whole program so fast?

There is no special trick, or secret. The only real tip I can give you is to study hard. That will get you to your success. When everything seems to be going against you don’t lose the motivation.

What would you recommend to our new students that will start the program soon?

I would recommend them to take their chances. When I arrived, I was the first to get on the Express Track system. That helped me a lot. So I recommend them to start showing yourself and other people that you study hard. For example, Christian, the progress manager at Wayman, will also help you get to your goals as fast as possible.

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You were in the student housing here, how was it?

I liked it. It was a different experience. You get to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. Of Course it takes some getting used to living with other students!

What was your favorite thing during your 10 months at Wayman Aviation?

My first solo. That is an experience that you can never get again. It’s a once in a lifetime experience. And also my private pilot license. Even when I finished with my commercial and multi-engine rating. My private pilot was my first pass.

What would you say was the toughest thing during your journey through the Professional Pilot Course?

I have two. The first one was the Instrument oral. For this you need to know a lot of theory that is not related to VFR flying. And the examiner was pretty tough. And flying I think it was the multi-engine rating. Because during your multi-engine everything comes together. You need to fly instrument, and maneuvers. Also, the weather that day was not that good for me. It was tough but I liked it!

What’s next for you?

I’m going back to my country to convert my license. I am 18 years old now, almost 19, so while I am waiting for the airlines to call me, I’ll come back and get my CFI rating with CFI Bootcamp.

Would you recommend Wayman Aviation to other students?

Yes, for sure. I liked the experience here. Just remember the key to success is studying hard.

Thank you for your time Marcelo, tailwinds ahead, we are proud of you.