Shooting a flight school video is no easy feat. The making of the video was a great creative challenge involving an aerial photo shoot, multiple days on site, and a great production team. Let us take you through the creation of this video and even check out the script.

Throughout our communications we do our best to keep it simple. We want to show what we do here at our Academy; Changing Lives Through Aviation. The faces of our staff behind the success of our graduated students, our Instructors who take them there, and the journey our students take from zero-hours to a commercial multi-engine pilot. We wanted to show all of this in one short video. Now that it has been  released, we are proud to say that we achieved that. 

The first thing we did was create an outline of what makes our flight academy special. We knew it was important to include the location. Miami is a beautiful place. The large fleet needed to be highlighted as well. Finally the professionalism of our faculty, staff and students. 

Once we had these corner stones we had to write a script about the things we wanted to highlight in the video. After that we got in touch with a couple of filmmakers. Three great candidates later we decided on Diego Pocovi. He had the right attitude and shared the same vision we had. An old family friend became our voiceover actor and fit best with the vibe for our video. After going through many changes in the script we had our definitive version. Now it was time to really start setting everything up and producing the video.

The plan was to shoot all the main shots in one day, while filming the B-roll the day after. All in all because everything was arranged properly we did not really run into any issues during filming at the academy. All interviews went smooth and the B-roll footage was wrapped up the day after too. Since all of that was wrapped up, the next challenge was to do the aerial photography.


Our Cameraman Diego taking some shots

We took off early in the morning. Our C-172 would take-off first and hold at KAINS over Miami Beach at 1000ft followed by our camera airplane, our mighty Seneca N444SA. It had the back door removed for best visibility. The photographer is harnessed in for safety. The plan was to fly in formation towards Key Biscayne and take some shots while doing orbits from North to South, and then back North again to North Perry airport. With proper preparation, a solid plan and great flying we were able to take some great shots that made it into our video. 

Read along with our script. This is the foundation for any great video:


Be the Captain. 

Welcome to Wayman Aviation Academy. Florida, USA is the flight training center of the world with 350 flyable days a year, and the best general aviation infrastructure. Wayman Aviation Academy is in the heart of the Miami / Fort Lauderdale metropolitan area. With easy access to International airports and close to the best beaches, parks and city life. 

Since it was established in 1987, thousands of students from over 78 countries around the world have earned their wings at Wayman. 

I chose Wayman specifically because of their part 141 program. I was able to find that they worked with college degrees. Because of its academics. It felt really cozy. It felt like I didn’t leave home. Wayman is a very airline oriented operation. I saw a big family in which I could grow. Yeah, Wayman was the choice.

The Academy offers complete ab-initio flight training programs for FAA pilot certification.  As one of the few nationally accredited flight schools, you can earn a college or university degree with our partners. Wayman works with airlines in the US and around the world to start your career.

They know almost everyone by their name, stage and what they’re doing. Once you establish that relationship you help to guide them and meet those needs. Motivated, and life changing.

Wayman Aviation Academy operates a large fleet of more than 40 airplanes and full-motion flight simulators, all with fully upgraded avionics.

Students benefit from a well structured program delivered by dedicated instructors and student affairs staff. to complete their training faster.

The things that set Wayman apart from other flight schools is basically the location, the fleet size. Being able to provide high quality training. They have the resources, the fleet, they have everything I was looking for to start my careers as a pilot. You will have so much fun, and you will be a professional pilot.

The academy’s top-notch maintenance program is complemented by a certified in-house FAA Part 145 repair station. I’ve been working for Wayman for more than 12 years. Here maintenance is priority number 1. We take pride in what we do. It holds the highest standards for aircraft safety. Early in the morning before everyone rises up there is a team here to take care of the planes, going through the aircraft and making sure they are safe to fly.

The majority of students aim to become airline pilots. At Wayman preparation for their future career begins on day one. Students experience Airline-style operations and training; including flight scheduling, dispatching, Safety Management System, and CRM.

This is what we’re about. This is what we desire to achieve. This is how we can get you there. Get to know each student, because each student is different.

Special memories is when I did my first solo from here to immokalee and back. It will always be my first solo here at Wayman Aviation. Yeah and took off and landed safely. My favorite memory was my flight, right before my first solo. When I joined the student leader team. When I passed my private and instrument rating. 

Being able to see them adapt to the changes and be able to  learn. Fly a lot and build commercial time that’s definitely a lot of fun. A student comes here without knowing how to fly and leaves being a full pilot ready for the airlines. That’s a very joyful moment.

You will find everything you need for your flight training here; including an FAA testing center, conveniently located student housing and pilot shop.

From the textbooks that you need to the professional pilot that’s looking for a great gift. Or the aviation maintenance technician.

For international students, we offer ICAO standard English courses; and an opportunity to build flight hours as an instructor through partner internships.

Realizing your dreams at Wayman is within reach. They have a student leader program, which they offer free tutoring for the students. Convenient payment plans for all students, and a 100% financing option for US Citizens.

With a robust COVID-19 management system, we are committed to a safe and smooth learning experience; to keep students flying.

I choose wayman.

Wayman Aviation academy, developing the skills and attitudes for safe, successful and professional pilots around the world.

Changing Lives through Aviation