International Aircraft Maintenance


Take care of your aircraft, and it will take care of you.

Wayman Maintenance keeps you flying. From scheduled service to overhauls and exports Wayman has what it takes to keep you flying and working.

Mr. Wayman has over 40 years of aircraft maintenance experience. As an A&P, Inspector Authorized (IA), and mentor to student apprentices his deep knowledge of aircraft is a resource that you can count on. The Wayman staff consists of several A&Ps that have been working with him for 20+ years. This is experience is so widely respected that George T Baker sends apprentices every year to study under him. Count on the Wayman team to keep your aircraft at full-throttle.

International Aircraft Export Center

Buying and airplane has never been easier. You can find planes online, negotiate through Skype, and sign a Bill of Sales by email. However export, customs, and the FAA bureaucracy has never been more complicated. Use Wayman’s 30 years of experience help you smooth through purchases, containerizing, and export. Wayman can purchase aircraft on your behalf. Perform pre-purchase, annuals, and modifications. Then ferry or container the aircraft in Miami for the freight-forwarder of your choice.


Keep your fleet flying. Use Wayman Pilot Supplies’ 150+ suppliers to get what you need, now. We can source any piece to Miami and locally send it to a freight forward or DHL for direct delivery.



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