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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you help Import/Export Aircraft?

Yes, Wayman has extensive history helping customer’s prepare and export their aircraft. 1st Step is to relocate the aircraft to our hangar at Norht Perry Airport KHWO in South Florida. We can perform inpsections, repairs, and alterations need for DAR export certificiton. Wayman has a 1.5 ton crane, to help load airplanes into containers for sea shipping.

What type of aircraft can your service?

Wayman has decades of experience with Cessna and Piper aircraft. We have serviced almost any kind of GA aircraft, including turbo-props such as King Air and TBM.

Is Wayman FAA Part 145 Certified

Yes, Wayman Aviation goes through the rigorous inspections, paper audits, and quality control that is requried ofr FAA Part 145 certification. Ops limitation list can be provided.

Does Wayman Overhaul engines?

No, however we can faciliate mounting and removing engines. Wayman works with several Engine Manufacturers and dedicated certified engine shops to provide your engine overhaul.

Do youprovide avionics service

Wayman can install, repair, or upgrade your avionics with Avidyen, Apaerro, and Aspen avionics. ADSB and Pitot-static checks are available

Transponder and Pitot Static Checks

Wayman Aviation can keep you flying with a standard bi-annual Pitot Static Check. 

FAA Part 145 Air Repair Station #4WVR269D