Instagram: Looking Back On March

Industry Update


March has been a long month, where a lot of things happened. From our air-2-air photoshoot, one of our instructors getting a gold seal, one of our instructors and student having to do a nose gear-up landing and a lot of students getting to their #aviation goals. Let’s look back at our highlights!

IMG_1946Congratulations Erwin on completing our professional pilot program

A lot of our students graduated this month, one of them is Erwin. Erwin went from zero-hours to a commercial multi-engine pilot! We are really proud of him and know he’ll be a great asset to any crew in the future. Go get it Erwin!


From zero-hours to the cockpit of a 737 with Blue Air

We launched our EASA program this month! Do you want to fly in Europe? Want to start your career in a 737? Read all about it in this and this article.


Our photographer George in action

Coordinated formation flying is not something we let our students do at our school. We did do it with a couple of experienced photographers and pilots to get some great air-2-air shots. Read more about this adventure in this blog.


Our instructor Daria checking the oil of our Cessna 172

A great picture by our IT specialist Adrian. Daria is almost leaving us for the airlines already, she does end-of-course checks at our school and besides being a CFI, CFI-I and MEI she is an awesome person to hang out with and a great instructor!


Jenny got her gold seal!

One of our instructors, Jenny, got her gold seal! We are very proud of her, it’s just a matter of time before she’ll head out and fly for the airlines. If you also want to say congratulations to Jenny be sure to do so in the comment section!


Nose-gear up landing

On march 29th, one of our instructors and his student made an emergency nose-gear up landing. It was filmed and even on the evening news. Eventhough media made it a bit more sensational then it was, we are very proud of them executing the emergency procedures and the landing. Next week we will have a full article on the incident for you to read about too.

That was it for march already. Do you have any comments, questions, feedback or just want to let us know how much you love aviation? Post them in the comments below and we’ll get back to you.