Looking Back at the Aviation Life Event

Press Release




A while back @pilotmelany of @aviationlife came to our school with a great idea; how about we organise an Instagram event where a lot of famous #aviators drop by for meet & greets, pictures, presentations and all out fun. We love Instagram and we love aviation, combine those two together and it’ll turn out to be a great day! Let’s look back at some of the highlights of that day in this article and be sure to check out this video as well!


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Steveokineevo was one of the highlights of the event

Who doesn’t know @steveokineevo? A great aviator and YouTuber. We love to follow his adventures on social media. He spoke about his flying experiences and people asked him some questions. We also got him to do our #waymanchallenge, be sure to check out the video! Fun fact; did you know our Director of Operations Wayman Alfredo is a good friend of Steve? They fly together a lot and they’ve known eachother for a long time already. You can even see Alfredo in a couple of Steve’s videos! Check out this video.



@pilotmelany of @aviationlifeclothing who co-organised the event together with our local #aviator Jen Toplak of @daretoflyfasion. Behind these beautiful ladies is a Pitts Special from Peter of the beacon 14’s. The Beacon14’s (pronounced Beacon For Teens) is a non-profit organisation who helps at-risk foster care youth stay on the right path through aviation. Do you want more information about the Beacon14s? Check out the website here.


Our panel of women aviators

One of the other highlights of the day was definitely our panel of #womenaviators. We had @sonikhanem, female instructors, female students and a woman Boeing 737 American Airlines Captain all answering questions. We learned that Aviation is one of the few industries that has equal pay for men and women. @sonikhanem also did the #waymanchallange, go check it out in the video!

Want to see more about the #aviationlife event? Check out this video!