Learning to Fly with Wayman in 2017

Press Release


2017 has a been a great year for us, with growth, many accomplishments of our students, instructors, staff and succeeding in our mission of ‘Changing Lives Through Aviation’. Since it’s almost 2018 already, this is a great time to look at the past year. We’ll tell the #waymanstory in 5 pictures. And we’ll even give away our “Instagrammy” for photo of the year. Remember; you can start your flight training with us next year, we have classes starting in january!


It’s about the journey not the destination

2017 was all about the journey. From our humble beginnings, read all about that here, to growing to a bigger flight school. This quote applies to everybody, right? Remember to not only think about your goals but to enjoy the journey to get there. We are enjoying every second of working on our goals! However, don’t compare yourself to others, more about that here.


Proud of our students, instructors and staff

We never expected that 12 of our students & instructors would receive a scholarship from the Greater Miami Aviation Association! From fully sponsored type-ratings to ATP-certificates and even money for flight training. We are proud of you! 2018 is looking bright!


This is what it takes

This year we finally got our official #wayman wings. It took a while to develop but we are very happy with them. Our students get their wings after their first solo, one stripe after their private pilot license, two after their instrument rating and three after they become a commercial pilot. Three golden bars are for our instructors while four golden bars are for our Chief instructors. The little wings are for our student leaders, who are our high-achievers among our students. Will you earn them all with us?


Empowerment and events

We have been to a lot of events to meet up with aspiring pilots, we even had a big event at our school in November with some famous #instagram pilots showing up. We’ll be sure to organize more events like this next year! Keep an eye out on our media channels for more information. What’s not to like about getting to meet all kinds of pilots at an aviation event?


Flying away from Hurricane Irma

We all know what kind of damage #hurricane Irma left in her path towards Florida. Our school was really lucky, we just had to clean up here and there and all our students, instructors, staff, planes and locations were unharmed. Irma was a great lesson for us in organizing an evacuation. Let’s hope we’ll never have to go through something like that again. And if we have to, we know we can handle it professionally. In this picture your see all the pilots and maintenance crew who were responsible for the safe evacuation. Want to read more about this story? Click here!

What was your highlight of the year? Be sure to post them in the comments!