Introducing Our Digital Cessna 152 Fleet

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The Cessna 152 is the most popular flight training aircraft ever built. The simplicity and rugged construction has made it capable of staying in continuous operation since they were introduced in 1977. The ease of handling and forgiving controls has made it an excellent trainer for new pilots to learn the basics of flying and develop proficient stick and rudder skills. The Cessna 152 has trained generations of aviators and will continue to do so as a result of the top-to-bottom overhauls that we are making on our current fleet which we now refer to as Digital 152s.

The 152 was first introduced in 1977 and was built until 1985 with over 7000 made. It is a two seat, high-wing, fixed-tricycle gear, single-engine aircraft equipped with the classic Lycoming O-235. Wayman Aviation Academy’s Digital 152s have been completely top-to-bottom overhauled. They were stripped down to the bolts and thoroughly inspected. The aircraft are given new paint jobs and interiors, a factory overhauled engine and most impressively a new glass panel avionics package. 

D152 1

These upgrades give more life to the 152 and allow us to offer the best value to our students. Students can now train using some of the latest glass panel avionics while still being economical. Additionally, the upgraded avionics enhances safety, improves situational awareness, increases dispatch reliability and more importantly raises student satisfaction. The new onboard avionics pairs well with the ADS-B mandate and the use of Foreflight on iPads that all students are required to have. 

D152 2

To create a Digital 152 we start by stripping down the aircraft to the bare airframe; removing the interior, seats and old panel. The aircraft is then inspected for any corrosion and parts needing repair are replaced. Next a new propeller, factory overhauled engine, new interior and seats are installed. Finally, a new avionics package is installed which uses a mix of avidyne, aspen and garmin avionics. New glass panel avionics remove the need for sometimes unreliable vacuum systems. This also helps to decrease downtime for maintenance, since vacuum system failures will no longer be a factor. In many of our aircraft the avionics are worth more than the airframe! The Digital 152 is essentially a new airplane with an old serial number. The whole process is done at our maintenance hangar by our skilled maintenance technicians and takes about 2-3 months depending on the aircraft. With all the refurbishments made no aircraft is older than a few years!

D152 3

Offering the best value at the best price is something we always strive for at Wayman Aviation Academy. All of this is done while still staying true to our technology driven mindset and training environment. It is very exciting to provide a proven flight training aircraft in the Digital 152 to further give effective and economical flight training in an industry that is always technologically advancing. What is your favorite aspect of the digital 152? Leave a comment!