International Pilot Program

Fly and Study in the USA

Wayman Aviation Academy trains students from over 80 countries. Wherever you are from, the visa is not a problem. Our experienced admissions personnel will guide you through the process until you reach our campus in Miami, FL USA.

Earn Flight Experience and Interview with our International Airline Partners.

Study and Fly in the USA

Why Learn to Fly in the USA?

  • The US FAA Pilot Certificate is the most recognized world-wide. It converts to any country license easily.
  • English, all Ground and Flight Training is done in ICAO Aviation English. A requirement for all international airline pilots.
  • Best Aviation Infrastructure and Pricing worldwide

How to be employed in the USA? 

  1. The US has a critical pilot shortage.
  2. Complete private to commercial and instructor training with Wayman Aviation Academy. 
  3. Continue with our F1 university partners for a degree and a student work permit.
  4. Work legally in the US and earn flight experience through partner internships for 1 – 6 years. Including CFI, charter and airline experience
student visa

Authorized for International
Student Visas & I-20s

US FAA Pilot Certificate + Earn a University Degree + Fly in the USA

Earn a US FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate. Then add Flight Instructor (CFI) and CFII  ratings. Pair this with a University education and an Internship (OPT) work permit that allows you to work in the US as an airline pilot for 3 years.

 Job Interview Guarantee!

 Earn up to $36,000/year as an Instructor

 30+ Credits Savings on College Program

 3 Year University Degree

 Work for US Airlines

FAA 141 & 145

Airline-Oriented Program

Get a Higher Education, Learn to Fly!

Be the Captain. Our airline-oriented training prepares students to pursue careers in aviation with commercial carriers all across the globe. 

  • Learn and master safety management systems (SMS) 
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM) training maintains airline standard procedures within the cockpit 
  • FAA certified Part 145 repair station maintains commercial carriers standards of maintenance.
  • Airline style dispatch
Limited Seating Available

Fast Track to Your Professional Pilot Career

10 Months to Commercial Pilot, 24 months to Airlines

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Earn Your Wings With Us


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Our Graduates are Flying Around the World

Congratulations to all our Wayman Alumni that are flying around the world as first officers and captains. Below are just a few of the Over 70+ Airlines that have hired Wayman graduates.


What Sets Us Apart


Accelerated Airline
Oriented Program


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Professional Pilot Program

Get Paid to Fly

Be the Captain. Take control of your future through our Top Tier, accelerated flight academy program. We have a proven record of 33 years of experience and thousands of alumni flying around the world. Start your training in beautiful Miami, Florida USA, with 350+ sunny flying days a year.

  • Top Tier Airline Academy
  • Accelerated Express-track 10 Month Program
  • Guaranteed Instructor Job
  • Fly in Beautiful Sunny South Florida

Professional Pilot Program

Start Your Career in Just 10-12 Months


Private to Commercial Certification

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the admissions prerequisites?
  • For any course or program international candidates must be 18 years old. Candidates must be able to speak English at an intermediate or above level.
  • We apply an online English Screening tests to international candidates right after application. Evaluation score must be 3 and above, out of 6.
  • Professional Pilot Progrm students should have completed High School or equivilent.
  • All pilots must be in good physical health to pass a Class 1 FAA Medical evaluation.
How much does the program Cost?

The price varies depending on the course or program you want. Contact the admissions team and share what your goals are including aviation experience you already have. For example; are you interested in full professional pilot, multi engine course, or university instructor certificate?

Do we have a payment plan?

Yes, for the full program the payment plan is an initial deposit and then monthly payments. This allows the full program to be funded within the length of the program.

How many airplanes and CFIs do we have?

We have over 40 airplanes and more than 40 instructors. Including 4 Piper Senecas, the largest fleet of multi engine aircraft in South Florida.

Do we provide housing to students?

Yes, we have housing available for students. There are school managed dorms all within 5 Km / 3 Miles of the base. This allows for biking or walking without the need for a car. Most are shared rooms in 2/3 bedrooms units. All furniture, wifi and utilities are included.

What is included in the program?

This varies per course. The tuition includes syllabus flight hours, one-on-one instruction, and ground schools. Non-tuition items are paid to other institutions include FAA Medical, TSA, fingerprints, FAA written exams, FAA oral exam, renters insurance, medical insurance, and materials. All of these are considered additional expenses, student should budget an additional 10% of your course.

How often does Wayman perform maintenance on their planes?
Wayman has an excellent FAA certified Part 145 Repair Station and maintenance facility. Mr Wayman, the founder is an A&P mechanic and Inspector as well as an ATP pilot. We have one of the most comprehensive flight school maintenance programs in the country. Our line technicians inspect aircraft daily. Scheduled fleet maintenance is done every 100 hours flight, oil change every 50 hours, and thorough annual inspections.
Can I work while I'm doing my flight training?

The M1 Visa does not allow for work for Non-citizens, you are designated as a full time student. 

Can I rent an aircraft from you?
No, our airplanes are dedicated for educational use. However you can purchase an Introductory flight service to fly over Miami and south beach.