Insight Aviation: Stevo1Kinevo


Wayman Eddy: Hello and welcome to the wayman aviation sponsored insight aviation podcast where we find aviation professionals from throughout the country and the world to tell us about their experiences in aviation how they got started into the industry and how you can also join the aviation industry so today we have a special guest a long time friend of wayman aviation the wayman family uh mr steve nazer commonly known as Stevo1Kinevo hello steve.

 Stevo1Kinevo: Hey how are you doing doing well everything is good great pleasure to have you on here you know we’ve been trying to set this up for a while now and like the stars aligned uh to make this happen um so before we get into it of course we’ve got some people live here in the zoo we’ve got some people watching us on facebook live i’d love it if in the chat in the comments you let us know where you are some people are already chiming in someone here from iraq uh that’s awesome so let us know where you’re sitting if you’re sitting you know off on the other side of the world if you’re here in south florida where we are if you’re in south america let us know same thing if you’re on the facebook live go ahead and let us know in the comments where you’re where you are and for those of you that are in the zoom uh this is a zoom webinar so wehave this q & a button right down here so if you want to ask questions and answers go ahead and hit that q & a button and we’ll get to those questions at the end i’m sure your fans the audience have a lot of good questions for you so i’d love to star?

Stevo1Kinevo: Really with right now what are what are you working on what do you have your hands in steve well i do have some exciting things coming up as far as my channel is concerned uh it’s a little bit top secret right now we’re gonna be announcing it here soon officially so there’s gonna be a lot of cool things coming up i can’t talk about now but uh coming up at the end of july here oshkosh air adventure very excited for that i got a few videos planned that i’ll be filming up there and excellent i think we’re going to do some dog fighting and some fighter jets so and i think i got to find another social media person to uh try to shoot me down and i’ll try to shoot them down virtually but in the real airplane.

Wayman Eddy: Wow that’ll be fun so very much yeah we’ve got a lot of mysterious stuff going on.

Stevo1Kinevo: I know unfortunately you got to keep things on the hush hush a little bit until it can be officially announced but no you’re excited for your adventure coming up here well

Wayman Eddy: that’s a great place was because we’re kind of in the air show season right between sun and fun and oshkosh it’s kind of air show season i missed you at sun and fun i think we just kind of crossed days and i’m not going to be at oshkosh this year but my brother wayman alfredo will be there he’s had an opportunity to well he’s known you for years and years through dyer cicada and uh been on many of your videos uh are you in any official capacity there at oshkosh with anybody?

Stevo1Kinevo: Uh yeah well i got a meet-up schedule that’s all posted at stevo1knivo.com i got a wednesday noon meetup i’ll be there all week but wednesday at noon at the runaway 36 clothing booth uh bose on friday at noon the bose display and then pivot cases uh saturday at  noon keep it all at noon to make it easy to remember.

Wayman Eddy: It’ll make it easy you can sleep in but the heat is going to be hitting i i had an opportunity to go to oshkosh about it was pre-pen that’s to be about three at least three years ago and i’ve done sun and fun since i was a kid because i’m here in florida it was my first time up at oshkosh and just the scale of it kind of blew me away it’s got to be at least three four times larger.

Stevo1Kinevo: Oh yeah it’s amazing i mean i i stay there all week and it’s it’s such a fun week to hang out with all your social media friends and aviation enthusiasts it’s a blast 

Wayman Eddy: Yeah i’m bummed i’m missing it so so my brother who knows well is not only going to be there with uh uh with diary cicada showing off the new 960 which i think he just flew it in the the first n registered one he just flew it in this last weekend from france uh interesting trip i’m sure they’ll tell you about it and uh but he’s gonna be up there showing it off and he’s taking his wife and kids and they’re gonna go to i think called something called like junior venture and yeah it’s like a kid camp that lasts the whole week and the kids you know build airplanes and have a kind of their own space at oshkosh so i had no idea this

i think i have to make a point of going up there with my own two boys and then have the the full experience.

Stevo1Kinevo: Yeah that new tbm 960. that is amazing i got to check it out at sun fun and it’s a game changer as what as far as the new features on it fully fedex engine and everything it’s amazing.

Wayman Eddy: I hate to uh to to kind of conjecture a bit any idea what the delay was in the faa certification?

Stevo1Kinevo: I think it’s happened a few times every time they put new big features in a plane like with the new auto lan system that was in the 940 it took a little bit for that one to get approved it’s just when they go big changes with uh you know that’s usually a lot harder to get things approved real quick.

Wayman Eddy: Well that makes sense it gets very technical uh so you i mean your day job right your in and out is in the tbm uh tell us about the plane you’re flying i know you said you recently got it repaired.

Stevo1Kinevo: Yeah uh so my full-time job i fly for a private company out of miami opalaca it’s a tbm 850 single engine turboprop for those who don’t know that and it’s a 2006 model i mean it’s not the newest airplane in the sky but uh yeah so the other day i had a took off and i my pressurization totally went out as after i rotated so i was like okay i was just going to saint pete from miami which is a 45 minute flight so i’m like okay beautiful day i got to get the boss there so i’ll just stay low yeah and you know i think it’s was that like 8500 feet just to get there and then when i was coming into the land uh cleared the land i put the landing gear handle down nothing and i’m like and i had the boss on board the one boss that hates flying so i’m like for all the people to be on board you know that is not the flight to have all this going on so i you know i tried again the landing gear handled nothing again so i contacted the tower and i said you know power uh clear saint p tower i got i’m not my landing gear is not coming down and they said go for a low pass a little verify so yeah i did the low pass uh i said yeah uh 851 tango bravo you’re landing here is not down so i went missed and i figured let’s just declare an emergency i don’t want to have to deal with uh normal you know pilot duties of airplane that’s not having issues i have to focus on emergency checklists i know i don’t know the whole outcome of this so there’s no hurt in declining emergency when you’ve got something like this going on so they put me into radar vectors i pulled out the emergency checklist and once a year you go to training you know i go to simcom once a year and you practice this maneuver every year and it was just like i was in the simulator i didn’t you don’t panic you’d go with that checklist at the same time in my mind i’m like i really hope this works like it does the sim and actually works out but sure enough i had the landing gear checklist you know completed i manually pumped the landing gear down within i’d say three four minutes i returned right back around in for a nice smooth landing and you know on short final they said yes your landing gear appears to be down but due to good training uh an emergency that could go the other direction when it goes a good way just always take your training seriously and it pays off in the real world.

Wayman Eddy: You know that’s what the training is all about you know i tell people you really learn how to fly especially like in these cessnas in the first 10 20 hours like you can fly the plate after that it’s of course navigation communications and safety safety safety safety it’s all what happens in the case of this what happens in case of that what if you do this what if you do that that’s what all the trainings for and i was reading an interesting one which is you know there’s very few other careers where your job is on the line every six months right not only for for the sim but also for the medical  so like every six months you show up and either you keep your job or you don’t and that’s kind of crazy but you know we do it we love it it’s what we know how to do so we’ll bring it back to your situation the tbm is such a modern sophisticated machine which i don’t even know how many computers and systems on board but when it comes down to it i want to say it’s like a manual pump or a crank to get your gear down right?

Stevo1Kinevo: Yeah what it is is you go through a bunch of little steps but there is in between the two seats up front there’s a floor hatch you’ll pull out and after you get to the step of where you’re going to be doing this there’s a manually pump that you pump and i was at about 40 45 and still nothing was happening you know 45 pumps and you can go up to like 65 is where it should eventually happen and it was right around 45 or so is where it finally hit and i got the three green but when i was getting close you know farther into that procedure i’m like i didn’t feel any pressure like in the simulator this is where it’s a little different in the simulator you start to feel more pressure on the pump handle and in the real world there was no pressure at all until the very ending so i that’s where i do get a little bit nervous thinking well what if this isn’t really working but it worked out perfect and what the issue was so i’ll tell you what’s even harder is getting a ferry permit from the faa so i had to fly the airplane from saint pete to uh pompano where the maintenance facility is and you know it’s a broken airplane so to get the ferry permit you got to go online and it’s it’s a whole bunch of steps you got to fill all up and you got to get a mechanic to look at the airplane and uh so it took about 24 hours for me to get it approved so you know i had to get a hotel room and there’s a whole bunch of stipulations in that ferry permit like a mechanic had to come go look at the airplane uh you have to fly it with the circuit breaker pop for the landing gear circuit breaker uh the gear has to remain down the entire flight like they list out everything that’s necessary for you to be able to fly that airplane on that ferry permit to get it fixed so that that’s the steps of how it all worked.

Wayman Eddy: Yeah that’s well i’m glad you got down safe and you i think so did you have did uh did there have a mechanic come out there to st pete to see it did you go with somebody that was on the field?

Stevo1Kinevo: Somebody on the field nightingale aviation it’s a shop right next to uh signature flight support there at st pete and i’ve used them i’m gonna tell you what i think i’ve got bad luck at saint pete every time i go there i get stuck last time i was there my generator failed and i was stuck there for like four days.

Wayman Eddy: The north side the saint peter saint clearwater international i’ve only ever flown into albert whitake on the south side.

Stevo1Kinevo: Oh yeah that’s a cool little airport.

Wayman Eddy: Beautiful airport with the hangar restaurant and you’re landing right over the bay and the sailboats are right there the dali museum’s next door my cousin lives right there that’s why i go there um they have some bad luck in the bay area huh

Stevo1Kinevo: every time i go there i something massively breaks down on the airplane so so i use the same mechanic as the last time i was there when something broke down bad which was the generator.

Wayman Eddy: I mean it’s good to have you know someone you trust someone’s friendly uh to go out and check things for you um so so sorry i came across it but the airplanes are worthy now you’re back to Flying?

Stevo1Kinevo: Yeah we got took it back to opa locka the other day and uh tomorrow i think i’m going up to tennessee maybe so we’ll see what happens.

Wayman Eddy:  Nice excellent so again for people that don’t know the tbm 850 it’s just a beautiful beast of a plane pt6 it’s a the fastest single-engine turboprop aircraft on the market right or at least now the tbm family is now it’s the 960. um but i was impressed because i think someone compared it to me you don’t really understand how fast it is until you realize that i’ve been told and confirm you correct me if i’m wrong they can fly from miami to new york in three hours like a 737 is that about right?

Stevo1Kinevo: Uh miami to new york it would probably be about three hours and 45 minutes or four hours depending on the routing and weather but um it’s yeah we’ve taken it from miami non-stop right to chicago uh so yeah it’s got a good range for a single engine airplane and good you know good speed.

Wayman Eddy: And fast you know because that’s what an airliner would take to get up there and uh and you know it’s a six-seater right and and just like uh it’s interesting that you have it in this um fractional kind of shared ownership because it’s it’s kind of an owner operator plane for the most part so you meet these really interesting people that not only uh can fly their own plane but you know in order to afford a three four million dollar plane you’ve got to be doing something really interesting so they’re all like business owners uh i think lawyers doctors is that what you’re flying uh yeah. 

Stevo1Kinevo: I just fly uh company employees of the private company that i fly you know they own the airplane they you know they have it you just buy the company employees around it’s beautiful so i don’t get to meet strangers i know everybody i fly.

Wayman Eddy: Yeah so you got some nice uh camaraderie and network going on there um so we mentioned this right before the we started recording i’ve had a lot of airline captains we had captain alfaro the miami international chief for american airlines here uh just last month we’ve had a lot of airline captains but we really haven’t had a lot of corporate executive pilots and that’s i love uh 

Stevo1Kinevo: Yeah i love the lifestyle of what i do the corporate lifestyle to me i like being in the uh it’s a better quality of life to me i just think it’s a lot more fun being able to go into the little fbos around the country or you know the world wherever you fly to and yeah you don’t have to deal with the mass big international airports in the terminals with all thousands of people i just like it being a little bit more low-key it’s really a lot of fun this type of lifestyle.

Wayman Eddy: It is and over the last uh you know two three years of the pandemic while the airlines took a big step back and they’re back like 110 now but what grew dramatically was of course cargo and executive travel anyone that was that could afford it and really was on the fence about it before they went for that you know net jets membership or exo or whatever it is or bought into fractionals and there’s just been this balloon in business aviation um now i know you work for a for a private owner a private group but i imagine you’ve seen that flying into all these fbos around the country.

Stevo1Kinevo: Oh yeah for sure the fbos have gotten so much busier like banyan back in the pandemic there they said they had their record fuel sales for you know jet a jet fuel that they’ve ever had it’s like these fbos are you know i talked to all the pilots and they say yeah they their schedules are so busy because everybody’s flying corporate now if they can afford it.

Wayman Eddy: Yeah it’s really interesting you know and as as we uh you know climb climb out of the pandemic you know it’s there’s still strains and everyone’s getting sick and i’ve got some family members that are under the weather right now and i’m like well you know just stay home but uh i think that’s one of the legacies that’s going to go off there’s been like this growth in corporate aviation i don’t think it’s going to go away you know it might be temped down by the economics and all that but i think it’s going to stay pretty strong yeah yeah i believe so too so i’m really curious about your route to get into that executive seat because like i said a lot of people know i mean the flight school here we like to say that we’ve carved out a path you know through the woods of flight training and uh you know get you to being a flight instructor and often to our airline partners but a lot of people don’t want to be flight instructors have zero interest in being flight instructors we’ve had some students have great success going off and doing other things and because it takes a certain kind of person personality patience to work with students and and teach them so it’s a it’s a great and kind of proven track for us for that we’ve developed to have our graduates kind of build the time to go to the airlines but i understand you didn’t follow that track you kind of went into into the industry on your own.

Stevo1Kinevo: Yeah well i went to flight school at Ft. Lauderdale executive airport uh airborne systems they’re not even in business anymore i’m gonna tell you right now i wish i wish that uh i had wayman aviation i wish i would your facilities there at north perry are amazing to me like i’ve taken a tour of everything and uh i would love to have a flight school like with you when i just do my training but yeah i didn’t even plan on doing it for flying as a career i got the montgomery gi bill being in the coast guard which paid for 60 percent of all my flight training after the private pilot license so i used that to get all my ratings just you know because i liked flying and then one day i found out at fort lauderdale international here they were hiring first officers on fairchild metroliners and i applied and got a job as a co-pilot at 400 hours and i told you earlier i mean i didn’t know what i was doing at 400 hours i think i think the limits should definitely be higher for that but uh they wish they are now.

Wayman Eddy: Well it’s funny because you talk to people and most people tell you that at about 500 hours is when they started feeling comfortable in a plane right like we can get in and you kind of know your way around we were joking you can’t even find the on switch at 400 hours and you get a commercial license at 200 250 hours right so there’s still quite a learning curve there um so you learn to fly airborne systems all your all your ratings there in florida executive?

Stevo1Kinevo: Yeah for our same flight school throughout all my ratings and uh you know i just i started flying as a first officer and then i went to saab 340s after that and then one day i decided to it was all that was a part 121 flying and then one day i was like well i got a job offer to fly corporate you know like charter jobs out of uh same fort lauderdale executives so then i switched over to corporate probably like two years into applying for 121.

Wayman Eddy: And a lot of people ask well how did you get from that 200 250 hours to 400 was that just going out and weekend flying and renting and time building?

Stevo1Kinevo: Yeah it’d be me and my friends we’d all go out and fly around just keep flying for fun you know we just had a blast flying around florida go get lunch or place in different places and stuff oh there’s all right.

Wayman Eddy: Yeah exactly yeah yeah that’s also all right so you come across opportunity at 400 and i have to tell you i’m seeing more and more kind of like five like people kind of getting picked up at 500 hours for sic second in command right um so for example the tbm is not doesn’t doesn’t require a second pilot right uh is there an opportunity for someone to fly sic on a tbm or anything like that?

Stevo1Kinevo:  Um with me uh no i couldn’t do that with my job but uh i mean climb to 350.com is an employment aviation employment site that i direct a lot of people to uh for different flying gigs you know co-pilot stuff you know like makers there out of fort lauderdale right now they’ve advertised on that they’re yeah why they switched to uh makers there now these are makers okay and they’re hiring co-pilots on the caravans which is an amazing opportunity for someone to get into the caravans and fly as a co-pilot.

Wayman Eddy: Rob over at tropic ocean same thing caravans and flying all around the caribbean and i think you you that was the corporate you’re talking about right you’ve got to got to do all that caribbean flying.

Stevo1Kinevo: Oh yeah i’ve been to almost every island in the bahamas you can think of that has a runway um i think i mean what was amazing is the uh the bahamian people i loved their culture out there and they made me a fine ambassador to the bahamas probably like three four years ago they had a really cool ceremony out there at freeport for me yeah i feel so privileged and happy to be part of their you know community out there.

Wayman Eddy: What does it entail to be an ambassador a flying ambassador for the bahamas?

Stevo1Kinevo: You basically are there to help guide people along it’s on the government website lists all the different flying uh ambassadors and you can reach out to them and they’ll help guide you along to fly your airplanes if you want to fly out there you know privately or anybody that has questions we’re there to answer them for them and then just also to help promote.

Wayman Eddy: You know general aviation and bahamas you know i kick myself because i’ve done most of my flying down here but i’ve never really flown the islands i think i’ve flown to the bahamas like twice in my flying experience and a year ago maybe two years ago i had a similar interview uh with rob rob barking if you’re out there hey rob uh and he was kind of kind of like laid out like what it takes to find the bahamas pandemic comes and they’ve thrown on all of these uh health requirements now right like you gotta i think you have to do the uh the testing and a special kind of like health passport type thing uh is all that still happening in the bahamas?

Stevo1Kinevo: Yeah it it’s like it changes weekly but now as of right now they’re not even requiring testing to get back in the united states anymore um they they stopped that so that was a really nice thing because i love to go to the bahamas but if i would detest positive and i’m still feel perfect i wouldn’t be able to come back to the united states now you’re stuck out there and if you got it if you have a job like with me i’m the only pilot for my company i don’t think they’d be too happy if i was stuck on the bahamas because of that yeah they got rid of that they got rid of that testing to come back in.

Wayman Eddy: I think i’m gonna take the plunge i’m gonna get an apis sticker and i’m gonna start doing it you know i’ve got this little project i call it the flying circus i’m flying um so i’ve got a 12 and a 13 year old and i’ve been flying a lot more recently i i finally picked up my commercial multi and single and basically i have they’re not going to summer camp so my goal is to fly with them every weekend around florida maybe we’ll start dipping into georgia and stuff like that i’m trying to find destinations and uh what bimini is like 30 minutes away.

Stevo1Kinevo: Yeah super quick and easy to get there yes a lot of people think it’s really intimidating to fly out there and when you really get do it a few times you’re going to see it’s really easy and it’s not as intimidating as most people think.

Wayman Eddy: Maybe I’ll take you up on that as an ambassador and uh do like a sprint to bimini or something i feel like i just have to break the seal right now.

Stevo1Kinevo: Bimini is awesome that’s so quick to get there and there’s i mean the water there and everything you can do there is really a lot of fun.

Wayman Eddy: Excellent yeah i’m gonna look into that um yeah so so far on the list we’ve been to uh saint pete was in my cousin then we went up to ormond beach which i was really impressed with ormond beach airport itself kind of a mess but uh so we ended up flying into daytona and man i hadn’t been so my brother you know very well uh wayman alfredo embry riddle class of 93 and so i remember going to daytona 20 years ago and it was a sleepy little town and an empty riddle was nice but it was it was small and it looks like you’re pulling up to an airport when you’re like it looks like a full airport terminal with its own tower it’s very impressive up there and then of course we got out to ormond beach and that part of florida is just beautiful right there yeah yeah for sure like jacksonville coast but we’re we’re on a big tensioner here so um all right so executive world you’re flying saabs and uh you’re with with makers they’re called now flying around and pretty formative uh how many hours did you put on in that period?

Stevo1Kinevo: Oh man it was flying a lot we would average like we were almost running up to our uh time limits for like your periods of time wow about the regulations yeah we’re running right up to the regulations that was with my sky limo job in my first airline job that i took but we were flying so much but now it was a lot of great fine and going into a single pilot you know where you’re the captain and there’s no co-pilot when you know single pilot ops it’s it’s challenging and it’s a lot of fun though Wayman Eddy: yeah cause you’re everything right you’re flight planning you’re dispatch you’re the meteorologist you’re everything on the flight you’re loading the bags.

Stevo1Kinevo: Yeah definitely a lot of responsibility that’s for sure that’s actually bed like you said you get to know all your passengers especially like in a in a single owner or group ownership kind of situation you really get to know them so this is a common recurring question i get a lot it’s just those first thousand hours are the are the most difficult and to anyone that’s bumping along there at 300 hours or 600 hours like now is your moment you know like you said start looking around join the groups join uh are you a member of any of the organizations like uh obap or lpa or any of those?

Stevo1Kinevo: AOPA.

Wayman Eddy: Yeah great organization card carrying members right yeah but then networking just getting out there because in in aviation it’s such a small community you know it’s it’s literally worldwide but it’s a very tight community you come across the same people all the time that’s what’s so special about places like oshkosh and and sun and fun is kind of where everyone gets a chance to to gather uh look at the latest toys kind of share notes about what’s going on um so what would be your advice now to someone that’s that’s you know starting to get into it you know maybe they’re a private part maybe they haven’t even done a discovery flight yet what would you tell someone who’s like who wants to jump in.

Stevo1Kinevo: Just i mean make sure it’s right for you like go on a discovery flight at your local airport and just make sure that like something like that is actually something you would enjoy i mean the idea of flying airplanes to me is amazing but i mean i didn’t know if i’d enjoy it but that first discovery flight i was like well this is really cool but it took me many years after that with funding you know i couldn’t get you know i couldn’t afford to get my ratings when i was a young guy so but i would say definitely just go to the airport at your discovery flight find a good flight school if you’re in south florida women aviation i heard you guys got sally mae approved so yeah that’s what they’re financing.

Wayman Eddy: Yeah well the biggest obstacle really for most people is financing just like you said you got to use a gi bill we’re va authorized um we work with a lot of universities and we sally mae has been wonderful to us uh we this is brand new actually in the last 30 days so we had regular kind of sallie mae loans and they upgraded us to basically collegiate sallie mae loans so now uh you will get higher approvals lower rates right so we went from about a 30 approval to almost 62 percent of people get approved for financing all the way up to 90000 the whole thing in living expenses so i think that’ll help a lot more people get started in uh in flying in aviation but coming back to your path you were in the coast guard how come you didn’t pursue air base miami seems like it was right there?

Stevo1Kinevo: Well say again i’m sorry this is live my ear buds uh went out on juice.

Wayman Eddy: With your coast guard experience and now your commercial uh certificates you weren’t interested in pursuing coast guard aviation miami air base miami is right there at opa locka?

Stevo1Kinevo: Oh i wish um my asvab scores back in the day i could i couldn’t get high enough to get into the aviation section of the coast guard uh you gotta get really high scores to be selected to you know go through to be an officer in the coast guard so i i decided to just go the regular on the with the cutters you know the ships that they have they call them cutters coast guard cutters but uh no i would have loved to gone into aviation back then but yeah just just didn’t work out for me.

Wayman Eddy: And so parallel to all this you started making videos right was it just kind of like an interest that you just got got a gopro one day and started or how did that come about?

Stevo1Kinevo: I mean i’ve always loved uh photography and back in 2006 is when i started my youtube channel and i just named it after you know my name isn’t even an aviation name steveo1kinevo it’s not even aviation but uh i just like filming and where everything changed i was the gopro aviation audio cable i got that like years after when it first came out that cable where you plug it into your gopro then now you can talk to the camera yeah and i went from 3 000 subscribers to not eve ever be able to talk to a camera to now we’re over a half million congratulations and it’s all you being able to talk to the viewers you know otherwise music putting music just aviation footage only goes so far to me if you’re doing an av like a youtube channel you always the key to making a good video is to entertain people and educate people if you can you know educate people like show like something that you’re doing and people can learn from it a little bit in their way and actually entertain people to the same time to me i think that’s what a good like youtube video consists of.

Wayman Eddy: Yeah you kind of feel the sweet spot there because you know your videos aren’t aren’t too short they’re not excessively long you know i think your regular videos are probably 20 30 minutes something like that right uh you pick usually pick a fun destination like cedar keys or you know visiting uh the pigs out in the bahamas uh so uh and when we get to right along and what’s pretty rarefied error right because i think we’ve all seen lots of says in the cockpit videos right my students put them out like every day i feel like i see i see student coping videos and you’re right you’ve seen one good landing you’ve seen one bad landing kind of seen them all the music changes sometimes but um you know there’s only about a thousand tbms i think out in the world and so that’s uh something you don’t usually get that inside view of right um so it’s it’s a unique cockpit and and you do a good job of carrying it kind of explaining what you’re doing have you had any favorites over all the videos you’ve made?

Stevo1Kinevo: Just recently when i flew the united states air force thunderbirds that is by far my favorite video i’ve ever made i mean or my favorite experience in aviation i’ve ever had was that one but besides that like i like back a couple years many years ago i filmed with the united states uh coast guard when we did some rescue in the dolphin okay uh that was amazing too i just love working with the united states military you know with coast guard the air force any of the other branches i really give a lot of respect to all the men and women that serve our country and to be able to showcase like what they do and i think that’s amazing but my favorite experience ever was flying with the f-16 you know like he actually the cause his name was primo he actually let me take the f-16 and fly for like about 12 minutes total nice and it was it was epic i mean i it’s a fly-by-wire system okay and just the slightest maneuver that stick and you’re just spinning looping it’s it’s so much fun.

Wayman Eddy: Is that 12 minutes loggable? 

Stevo1Kinevo: Hmm i don’t know i didn’t i just logged it in my memory that’s all good

Wayman Eddy: well you know you’re absolutely right you know everybody that flies in the military which is a great branch a great way to pursue an aviation career you know if you do well on your asvabs you don’t have the finances otherwise for civil you know i definitely looked at the air force when i was about 17 doing my asvabs and i just decided i was too much of a pacifist to go that route yeah every single one every single person i’ve met from the military they’re all just constant professionals you know it’s very demanding of them and they’re and they’re great every single one of them and those of you those of them that have gone into the civil world like like rob at tropic ocean really carry that professionalism uh with them it’s really interesting uh so the thunderbirds that had to be a bucket list item.

Stevo1Kinevo: I mean that was and the problem is i never experienced this but like when you get to finally experience a bucket list aviat you know a bucket list item in your life and like that was like the top of it i’m like now what like i’m like i guess i gotta create a new bucket list item so my new bucket list item would be to go up into space that’s what i was thinking totally i don’t think i’ll ever have him but i never thought i’d be able to fly with the thunderbirds so you just never know you got to have that bucket list item and going to space and doing a cool video would be amazing to do something like that.

Wayman Eddy: it’s more achievable now than ever before i mean spacex is launching i think every two weeks uh from cape canaveral it’s it’s you know i was a huge space nerd i went to space camp when i was a kid and uh i always had my eye on it i was super sad when the space shuttle program ended and i’m so glad to see the u.s and spacex going back out there and and all the other programs that are building up around uh titusville uh you know not far away at all actually on our flight back from mormon beach this last weekend i told my boys that hey look out the left window and there’s like the massive space shuttle uh runway i have to do a low a low pass one day i know they’ll allow that.

Stevo1Kinevo: You know what’s cool you know what i’d like to see like anybody that’s watching this video like leave it in the comments like what would their bucket list i’d like to hear like read the comments and see like what their bucket list item would be.

Wayman Eddy:  I’ll tell you mine i want to go super sonic do you really love it i think it’d be super cool um i doubt you did on that flight with the thunderbirds but uh you know those we topped out at like 600 miles per hour yeah it was fast i remember there was one i was on a camp out with my boys and we heard these two huge booms and some people in the camp i thought that it was uh it was like an explosion or a power or something and then of course everyone looked on their phone and two f-16s had scrambled uh to mar-a-lago because somebody was i guess entering the tfr and then they had sonic booms just off the coast here or maybe it was on the inside on the everglades side which is extremely rare right because you’re not supposed to have sonic booms over uh land in populated areas.

Stevo1Kinevo: I think a lot of people were busting that tfr when it was down here in south florida i heard that they were getting scrambled the time for yeah people.

Wayman Eddy: You restrict uh an extremely dense and popular part of the aviation world i mean aviation florida is one of the aviation capitals of the world and then also you just can’t say you can’t fly around west palm beach something okay like that’s a lot um somewhere else so rudy over here would have loved to fly the concorde you know yeah i’m sure you’ve been out to tnt for those of you that don’t know tnt it’s i don’t know the everglades 10 000 foot runway um all the schools down here do a lot of training and practice out out there and it was developed and designed for the concorde it was supposed to be the what was the name of it it was the the super port of the future it was gonna have 10 runways and bullet trains that run to miami and to tamp and all these things and now it’s just 10 000 feet of asphalt out there in the middle of the everglades um surprising so 15 minute flight to get there hour and a half drive to get out there i was like i never want to drive out here again um but you know tangent um yeah bucket list items would be amazing i what i did it yeah it was kind of a bucket list item i started dabbling into aerobatics um i was out in vegas and i flew with the name escapes me right now uh but i got to fly an extra 300. and then i was yeah those are fun and i was so jazzed that when i came back here one of our neighbors flies at pitts um peter has this great foundation called a beacon for teens the number 14 uh 14s a little dub on tundra there but basically he uh fundraises to give foster kids flights in his pits and try to inspire them to aviation i was like that’s just that’s awesome that agrees have you done much uh in the way of aerobatics?

Stevo1Kinevo: Yeah i flew with sean d tucker a few times uh we flew down here i flew with him at oshkosh and with mike gulian’s team pablo we’ve simulated red bull air race one at sun and front a couple years ago beautiful and shout out to mike ghoulian and pablo back then they actually took up my dad and my oh i saw that yeah they let them do some roofs loops and barrel rolls and i was so worried about him because he’s an older guy but he loved it so much so yeah big shout out to mike boolean and pablo for taking up my dad that was something you’ll never forget but no i love aerobatics it’s fun.

Wayman Eddy: it is it is you know and so many people kind of really focus in on the career the airline like let’s make a nice paycheck a to b and all that kind of stuff that there’s so much other aviation out there that you get to see in the general aviation the ga world all right which again coming back to your channel i think people see something out of the norm everyone’s so focused on the airlines that when they get to see you flying into all these different places somebody told me some statistics i and i’m totally gonna get this wrong there’s something on the order there’s like 5 000 airports in the u.s and airliners only fly into about five percent of them.

Stevo1Kinevo: Yeah you’re basically just stuck on the same routes over and over and over for the most part that’s what i love about the kind of flying i do like i don’t know month to month like i might go to some really cool destinations that you know i’ve never thought i’d ever get to go to like i like when i landed the tbm at uh down at st martin know you know they got that famous approach that goes right over the beach yeah the big beach approach i was like when i got to do that i was like whoa that was a buck that’s a smaller down in the bucket list items but landing at that beach was on my list of things i always wanted to do so it was just really fun to be able to accomplish that and there was so many people i got coming into the land and the beach was just packed and they’re all waving at me but i’m like okay why this is not impressive it just seems a little too familiar but then i just realized there was like a 747 right behind me coming in the land now so i got lucky that everybody was on the beach waiting for the big airplane to land and i was just the little guy in front of the big ones so i got to see a lot of people.

Wayman Eddy: It’s impressive to see those i think it’s klm that flies in there a lot with the the big 747s we’ve got some students from st martin from all the islands and one of our creative team students uh crystal sent us a beautiful picture of her with the airplane flying right overhead i want to go there i’m gonna have to do i’m gonna have to get into more caribbean flying i keep saying it and i’m inspired now a little more crazy yeah so uh as you go through your career and now you’ve you’re so experienced are you gonna i mean maybe it’s not the place to talk about it right because your boss might be listening but do you want to stay in this in this world with you on the tbm like do you do you see yourself you know there’s some really large paychecks going on in that airline world and they are sucking up corporate pilots left and right um i know i see it every day i see people that are starting their careers and jumping over there and then a lot of retirees coming back into the corporate world it’s a weird kind of uh cycle happening in the aviation world.

Stevo1Kinevo: I told my boss i told him this many years ago i said as long as you keep uh the tbm or maybe upgrade eventually it would be nice because something’s breaking down on time but as long as he keeps an airplane i said i would retire with him uh to me beautiful i making a lot of money is one thing in life but to me quality of life to be able to spend it with your family and friends and make a decent amount of money that’s more important than just making a ton of money i’d rather be happy and have a good quality of life and that’s where and that’s what i have right now.

Wayman Eddy: So let’s take a moment on that because it’s something you hear all the time in the forums you know united just released this whole thing and then the the conversation turns to quality of life and it’s the term that you hear a lot um so i guess it gets a bit of a balance the quality of life when you think airlines you think probably a more predictable schedule uh kind of more like clocking in and clocking out from a job right how does the quality of life uh how’s the quality of life better in the corporate world well here’s the thing there’s different types of corporate jobs like i had jobs in the corporate world where you were on call and you would have to be at the airport within one hour that’s horrible quality my schedule i basically know my schedule a month in advance and i don’t really have to work that much so i’m not burnt out i know my schedule events and i have a lot of free time to enjoy all the other activities that i enjoy besides aviation so it’s very i guess i kind of have a very rare type of job because it’s you know just my work roles are amazing and it’s not like that in all corporate jobs somehow i just got really lucky well i mean that goes to what you just said you know when you find the right gig you hold on to it right yeah you don’t give that up i mean not all corporate jobs are i’d rather fly at an airline besides do being on call one hour to get to the airport again because you make plans to do anything and then also you get that call and you gotta be there at the airport within one hour that’s horrible quality like but i did that job because i knew uh to get single pilot you know experience and i was going for flying turbines around so i knew it was what i needed to do for my resume. 

Wayman Eddy: And again it’s an interesting one because of the tbm because of its range and all that like you know you can go pretty far but it’s not like if you’re a global pilot you could be on the other side of the world by tomorrow by tomorrow morning and uh that’s a i think probably a different quality of life because you have these very long trips i mean people don’t usually travel to you know tokyo for the day and come back.

Stevo1Kinevo: Right so my real good friend he’s on instagram owen uh fly with owen he flies gulf streams and i follow him you know he’s my friend he’s in a different country every day i’m like anybody’s young so a young guy that’s a good fun lifestyle you know when you’re young and you don’t you know have you’re not tied down i think but by following him i’m like well yeah it’s pretty cool to see he’s living a really awesome life getting to see the whole world.

Wayman Eddy: Yeah yeah you know i was talking to one of our instructors that just kind of finished with us uh late last year and i was just checking out him i forget what it was for i was just checking in at him and he’s like oh i can’t call you right now i’m in spain i’m like oh you know spain he’s flying uh uh closer to me he’s second in the club stream i was like oh wow that was quick and that’s a good point because for different stages of your life you’re talking about a young guy different stages of your life there’s different opportunities right um it’s yeah fly your butt off you know when you’re young you’re trying something you don’t have a mortgage you don’t have kids or anything like that like fly your butt off um and and go to far-flung places new cultures new foods new experiences at the same time you know i also hear a lot of people on the backside of their career they want to be able to sleep in their own home so one of our partners uh silver airways flying right out of fort lauderdale international a lot uh it’s a 121 airline flying flying saabs and atr’s where you pretty much go home every night right yeah that’s great yeah when you get older in life you’re married kids that’s where you want to be with your family and friends more i want to be like living in hotels yeah away from home well funny enough a lot of our graduates that don’t want to become a church they also go to uh ibc which is a kind of a local uh cargo airline and i i didn’t know this i found out they only fly monday through friday wow i didn’t even know that like what kind of airline only flies monday through fridays like you always you always hear that your your weekends and your holidays for the rest of your life are gone and when i heard that i was like oh i gotta look into ibc that’s interesting yeah no a lot there’s there’s something for everyone out there that that meets you know everyone’s not a cookie cutter fit for the airlines uh and there’s a lot of variety in aviation so you’ve got to find what’s the right fit for you uh we’re kind of getting to the end of our hours so i’d love to take some questions i know we’ve got some attendees here i’m going to also take a look at questions on facebook that’s interesting decline wants to know if you have types and how many types do you have?

Stevo1Kinevo: Yeah oh yeah i got a typed in the uh saab 340 the fairchild metro liner and i think that’s about it just those two airplanes for type aircraft type reading excellent as well as far as my i have my atp license you know support pilot.

Wayman Eddy: I’ve always heard the saab is a really nice plane to fly uh i have an idea if you can fly a saab.

Stevo1Kinevo: I mean that’s old school kind of so like the overhead there’s a million buttons and a million lights and you got to know what every one of them does so it’s a lot of fun to i it was an intimidating airplane but it’s a lot of fun definitely excellent uh let’s see going on down here.

Wayman Eddy: Uh alberto online oh one of our students alberto wants to know a lot of youtubers are catching heat from the fa for posting videos in the cockpit how do you make so much content without the making the faa angry and i want to say you did upset them?

Stevo1Kinevo: Oh i’ve been under a formal full investigation by the faa they didn’t like my caravan stuff even because it was a part 135 company and even though i was filming just on empty legs they came in they came at me for everything you’re flying drones in your videos do you have your one you know your drone license yes uh breaking sterile cockpit they mean they every single thing you can think of they came back before and they made me do an examination right really yeah wow that’s hard uh it wasn’t thankfully they let me the company i was flying the caravans for they let me use the caravan for the examination right but um there’s a million different things but yes you they don’t really bother you on part 91 stuff but i’m going to tell you right now don’t break any part 91 rules like or do anything that is not right because they are watching and when you put your stuff out and for the world to see you got to make sure it’s correct and done right within all the rules and the guidelines.

Wayman Eddy: So yeah that makes sense i mean you’re documenting whatever it is that you did that you’re doing wrong right like that the guy that jumped out of his plane that was ridiculous oh that was horrible that was like so irresponsible i think i think they yanked his license or suspended it should be yanked permanently in my opinion yeah that was excessive that was excessive uh let’s see what questions we’ve got coming on here um well alberto also says that his bucket list item is an alaskan bush trip flying alaskan bush ever had a chance to do that i haven’t but that would be on my on the list that would be good too that sounds like it would be a lot of fun who did i meet recently was it um who he’s not in alaska uh he also does a lot of youtube videos his name is casey right now but we met at the flight school association and uh like i want to go visit them it just sounds like so much fun my father was a bush pilot down in the amazon that’s how uh we kind of wayman aviation got its start it was in bush flying uh yeah the questions got here rudy just says that your videos have been a great source for information uh he’s working on his ppl out of opa locka oh with us thank you rudy uh but it’s taken longer than expected pandemic work family and life uh the zooms and the videos and your videos keep them going um any advice for somebody like that i mean like you said you came to it after your stint in the coast guard i honestly i’m coming back to aviation after you know it’s probably like 15 odd years i didn’t really fly very much like how do you dig in how do you keep moving?

Stevo1Kinevo: You know i always just say i mean to me i always say just to have fun and enjoy each step of your training like don’t look to get all the way the end just look at the next step and before you know it you’re going to be all the way to where you want to go and at the time you don’t think it’s going very fast but when once you get there you’re gonna be like whoa that was i can’t believe i’m already got my atp license and i’m flying for an airline and you’re gonna think when actually went quicker than you thought it was but when you’re looking to get into the future it always seems like it’s going slow but then once you get there you’re like oh that went fast that’s how it went for me so just have fun and enjoy each step and don’t try to rush through it.

Wayman Eddy: That’s true yeah there’s no overnight success you know whenever you see somebody successful it didn’t happen from one day the next you said you started making youtube videos in 2006 uh when did you start flying?

Stevo1Kinevo: Oh man uh i had to go look at my log books i forget and probably a few years before that i don’t know yeah.

Wayman Eddy: Yeah you know you’re like 15 plus years in right there’s no overnight success uh it is one flight at a time uh one ride at a time so yeah i mean if you’re working through your private now and you’re only flying on the weekends or every other week you know keep it going keep it going uh honestly right now is the best time that i’ve ever seen to get into the aviation industry aviation cyclical very ups and downs but the numbers that are being thrown out for starting salaries the financing 10 years ago you couldn’t get financing it was impossible it was you know sell your car and that was kind of the only way to get there so the fact that you know two-thirds of the people applying for sallie mae loans with us are getting approved is wonderful and yeah um and we’re getting visits constantly from airlines like i mentioned uh i’ve got american airlines working on something with them that i hope will give fruit by the end of the summer but they want to hire 2000 pilots this year wow yeah that’s a great time to get the aviation i heard this crazy assistant that seventy percent of american airlines pilots are retiring in the next five to ten years.

Stevo1Kinevo: Same yeah and i read that they’re slashing their schedule too because the pilot shortage like they don’t have the pilots to fly all their routes.

Wayman Eddy: So yeah it’s it’s a phenomenal time to get into it and uh you know for those of you that that love aviation maybe you flyflight simulator a lot or you’re into rc planes or whatever it might be go to your local airport give us a call if you’re here in south florida and go for discovery flights right just get into a cockpit of a plane you have an instructor with you fly down the beach or you know the local every airport has a local route where they show you all the sites whether it’s the lake or the cannon or whatever might be nearby and check it out in that one hour you’re going to know if you love aviation or not right and uh and if at the worst it’s a great way to spend a saturday morning for sure yeah uh any parting words for people that want to get into aviation.

Stevo1Kinevo: Yeah just like i said just go for it i mean you only live once and uh you know i never want to get to the end of it and say what if so i’d rather go out there and just get it done and see what it’s all about.

Wayman Eddy: So uh if this was people’s first time coming across you where can they find you where can they find your content how can they contact you yeah so if you like aviation stuff like stevo1knivo on youtube and steve okanivo on instagram and then also facebook is the three big platforms i use the most um the instagram gets a little bit more behind the scenes compared to the youtube videos like just like what’s going on a lot of my layovers and like when my airplane breaks down i show a lot more on instagram so this is like bullet holes going through the roof like engine issues or whatever it could be that’s where you see a lot more like behind the scenes stuff it’s on my instagram.

Wayman Eddy: Yeah i think people really enjoy that you know uh because the video i think you have about one video a month more or less and people really kind of like following along with your adventures.

Stevo1Kinevo: Yeah yeah i used to every others for many years it was every other friday i would upload but lately with my flying schedule not being as much as i’m doing about a video a month right now but it’s still a lot of fun uh but yeah instagram is where i do a lot more of my content you know current up-to-date stuff.

Wayman Eddy: Excellent well i’ll definitely be looking for you there and i’m looking forward to doing just more work with you over the next few months and for anyone that wants to contact us you can find us on all the social media platforms at waymon aviation that’s on instagram on facebook on youtube our tick tock is actually doing really well right now i just kind of started dabbling into that and uh i’m pretty happy about it so and thank you for all the great feedback all the questions that were sent to us.