How to know if the Flight School I’m Interested in is Trustworthy?



When seeking to become a commercial pilot, one should first consider which flight school they wish to attend. Aviation is a huge industry, but a tiny community. Reputation is everything. There are certain flight schools with bad reputations and many students worry about finding a trustworthy flight school. This at times can seem challenging but using certain resources we will make this process a bit smoother and will have you confidently flying in no time!


One of the best ways of finding an excellent and trustworthy flight school is to find reviews for the one you are interested in. The Internet has a plethora of resources and a simple Google search will most likely yield reviews and ratings for flight schools. People that are pleased or displeased with a flight school’s performance will often take the time to write a review on Google, Facebook, or Yelp, among other sites. However, you will tend to see that negative reviews are more likely to be posted while many positive experiences go without being trumped.

Safety Record

When looking into a flight school you should also investigate its safety history. The school’s safety record can show how important safety is to a school. A school that abides by FAA regulations and standards will far exceed those that do not. Excellent flight schools will always keep up with necessary maintenance and take care of any discrepancy that arises in a prompt manner. A quick google search will turn up any related news reports.

Make a Visit

If possible, the best way to determine which flight school is right for you is to make a visit or contact the school directly. Many schools offer video calls or phone meetings in order to accommodate international students. Talking to the school personnel and asking questions will give you a great amount of information on how the school operates. First impressions are always memorable and this will help you on your way to choose the flight school that best fits you.

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Choosing a trustworthy flight school is not so complicated. Whether you’re choosing where to eat or where you will get your commercial pilot license, you can always turn to the Internet for help. Use reviews and the accounts of other student pilots in order to get a better idea of how good and trustworthy a flight school is. Looking into the safety record and how a school operates when it comes to maintenance will give you the peace of mind you need so that you can concentrate on flying. By far, the best way to gauge how well you will like a flight school is by simply talking to the school. This simple bit of effort will allow you to cross off flight schools from your list and let you choose the one that best suits you and your needs.