How Long Does it Takes to Enroll at a Flight School in the United States?


Flight School in the United States.jpgYou have decided already in your mind that flight school is in your future, but, you’re uncertain about how long will it take for you to actually get enrolled? Is it difficult? What do I need to do?

Don’t let those doubts change your mind without actually knowing what the process is. Lets figure out long it takes to enroll at a flight school in the United States and the steps needed for it.

1. Pick a School

Before embarking on any endeavor of enrollment, first you have to select the flight school that works best for you. Many aspects come to play and you can evaluate them based on your needs, budget and expectations (a helpful way to do it can be found in this link). Once this has been done, you can move forward with the enrollment process.

2. Start your enrollment

Introduce yourself to the school by completing their Student Pilot Questionnaire.This is the very first step to enroll to the flight school you have chosen. After this, you can request a pilot career counseling to help you clarify any doubts that may have arised from the questionnaire.

These steps don’t take much time and can be done practically at any time you desire.

3. The International Steps

If you are abroad, there are some additional steps to enroll to the chosen flight school. Request an Enrollment Package from the school.For International Students they will include completing an I-20 form and submitting documentation like a passport and proof of funds.

Once the online form is completed, it is necessary to make a deposit to cover the cost of a physical I-20 form and the shipping for it. This process will take the regular shipping time and if the deposit made is greater than the cost, the remaining amount of money will be transferred to your flight account.

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4. The Visa Steps

The physical I-20 form you received must be brought completed along with your passport to the US Embassy located in your country in order to request a M-1 visa. This is an student visa to enter the United States. The interview is to verify your intentions, your english ability, and that you have the funds necessary not just for tuition, but also for living expenses. The outcome of your application will depend on the demand in your country or any extra steps the Embassy needs to take.

Once the process is completed, you’ll be given your M-1 visa, which means you are ready to join the next upcoming class. Contact your flight school so they can finish the enrollment process by choosing the next available class for you.

As can be seen, even though there are additional steps for International students, they don’t make the process extra difficult and it is just matter of patience and following the right steps at the right time to ensure your enrollment process will go smooth so you can be flying in no time!