Wayman Aviation Academy Offers Carbon Offsets for Flight Training 

Wayman Aviation Academy is introducing its Green Initiative to be the first Carbon Neutral Flight training program. Growing from our experiment with Diesel powered trainers, we will now offer the option for students to buy Carbon Offsets for their training. It is important to look ahead, one of the most pressing issues facing our planet is global warming – We recognize this and are proud to start making the first steps, and a commitment, towards a greener future.

“Global warming is happening and eventually we all have to adapt. We decided to recommit to and go in the right direction today, not tomorrow”.


Wayman Eddy Luy, Vice-President.

Carbon Offsets

Beginning this year we are offering students the option to offset their carbon output during their flight training with us. Emissions for our 250-Hour Professional Pilot Program is 16.88 metric tons. With a $290 investment with our green partner students can choose to fly carbon-neutral. We commit to being able to provide this option for environmentally conscious students.

Greener Airplanes

Our Jet-A fueled Cessna 172’s burn less fuel and emit less CO2 emissions than traditional AvGas training airplanes. VP of flight Operations, Wayman Alfredo, was already thinking ahead of the curve years ago. That’s when the Academy decided to invest in 2 of these Jet-A powered airplanes. This will continue that focus while pursuing practical solutions that help us reach the end-goal of sustainability.

Waste Reduction

The school is working on several projects to reach that goal. A recycling program throughout the office and school will reduce waste. Maintenance has gone to drums of oil versus individually packaged quarts to reduce packaging waste. These effort will make sure our daily operations are geared towards a greener future with all our staff, students and instructors.

Up in the Sky Committed to the Earth

A pilot’s passion for aviation is often at odds with their respect and admiration for nature. Aviators are privileged to see astonishing views of nature’s beauty from clouds and sunsets, to mountains and oceans from a unique perspective. However it is no secret that aircraft burn fuel and contribute a significant amount of carbon. Which is impacting climate change. Wayman Aviation Academy is headquartered in one of the most beautiful corners of our planet, Florida. Miles of beaches, Everglades, and the Keys are the environment in which we teach, learn, and fly. It is all at sea-level and considered environmentally high risk.

About Wayman Aviation

Wayman Aviation Academy is the largest and longest running Ab Initio flight school in South Florida. They are celebrating 34 years of launching pilots into the skies above Miami and Ft Lauderdale. The school focuses on initial training through commercial flight training in preparation for airline careers. They have 6 airline partners including SkyWest and Republic Airways which fly for American Airlines, United and Delta.

Wayman is approved for international student visas. It operates a fleet of 40+ aircraft across 2 bases at Hollywood North Perry Airport (KHWO) and Miami-Opa Locka Executive Airport (KOPF). Wayman Aviation partners with Miami-Dade College, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and Liberty University for degree programs. Learn more about Wayman Aviation Academy at Wayman.edu or on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook @WaymanAviation