Foreign License Convalidation

Convalidating your foreign license is the procedure for acquiring an American FAA rating based on you current foreign license. Having a US pilot certificate allows you to fly November (N) registered aircraft around the world. It is a stand alone certification that is respected around the world.

The process is straight forward and consists of two steps. Obtaining a Private Pilot License based on your current license. Then taking the written & practical examinations for Instrument and Commercial

*Note: ATP Convalidation is no longer available unless you complete the ATP written Exam before August 1st, 2014.

1) Complete and send in your Foreign Pilot Verification form ( AC 8060-71 ) to the FAA. http://www.faa.gov/licenses_certificates/airmen_certification/foreign_license_verification/

Note:  in box 11 of the form write:

South Florida FSDO
2895 SW 145 AVE
Suite 120
Miramar, Florida 33027

2) Complete the appropriate examinations for Instrument & Commercial Multi-Engine (CME)

Come prepared to take the Instrument and Commercial written exams on the first day you arrive in Miami. Study materials can be ordered from Wayman Pilot Supplies.com. You will do 5 – 10 hours of exam preparations in our Piper Seneca to familiarize yourself with the airspace and local approaches. Some students may require more time in the aircraft. Typically students also accomplish 2 to 4 hours of oral preparations with our instructors as well.

The practical and oral exam are approximately 2 hours. The flight is in our aircraft but students pay the examiner directly for their time, ~$500 USD.

Pilots that fly regularly typically need 15 hours of preparation in our aircraft for the Instrument rating, and then 10 hours for the Commercial Multi-engine rating. Come prepared for both written tests, the IRA and the CAX. Study materials are available at Wayman Pilot Supplies.com.