Financial Aid & Scholarships for Flight Training

Learning to fly is a large investment in time and money. Finances are definitely a factor to consider. Because Wayman is a private company, and not an Educational Institute we do not offer Financial Aid programs to students at this time. However, there are several smart ways to fund your flying. A few popular forms of reaching your funding needs are sponsors, loans, scholarships, and student financial aid.


Friends, family, community organizations often have grants and loans that you can access with the most ease. You will be surprised how willing family and friends are to support your development.



Vocational loans through your bank or credit union are secure ways to finance your education. We are happy to write any enrollment letters or references you may need. Often collateralized loans have the lowest interest rates. If you have equity in your house, car, or cash in a savings account a bank can loan against that value.

Sallie Mae College Loans

Sallie Mae is the premier lender of educational loans in the USA. Wayman Aviation Academy is one of the few flight training institutions in the country to have earn Sallie Mae authorization. They offer affordable education loans that cover the entire course from private through commercial and flight instructor ratings. Students can make minimal or deferred payments during their training. It is highly recommended that applicants use a co-signer to lower interest rates and increase approvals.

Apply at https://www.salliemae.com/60956100


Sallie Mae

Meritize Platform

The Meritize financial platform offers Full Financing for professional course from Private or Instrument to Commercial and CFI + CFII. This is a full proffesionally oriented loan which include job placement for qualified applicants and an airline pathway. The loan is only available for US Citizen and residents. Interest rates may vary with credit score and co-signers, however tuition is deferred up to 18 months until your full program is completed.

More details at Full Pilot Program Financing


We Fly Financial 

We Florida credit Union has an exciting new financing program for Flight Training. Credit lines up to $30,000 are ideal for courses, completions, or add-ons. Interest rates vary with credit scor and co-applicants. Wayman Aviation is proud to be a launch partner for the Florida based service. Expect low interest rates and great customer service. Wayman Aviation’s flight programs are pre-approved with We Florida for your convinience.

Apply at https://www.wefloridafinancial.com/loans/aviation/flight-training-loans


AOPA Finance

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) is the largest and most established aviation group in the United States. They count on hundreds of thousands of pilots as members and offer great resources to all levels of pilots. AOPA Finance was originally developed to help finance aircraft purchases. However, AOPA saw the need training finances. They understand pilots, the demands, and the opportunities. With a borrowing ability upto $100,000 AOPA Finance may be the right organization to fund your flight training.

Apply at https://finance.aopa.org/flight-training-finance

AOPA Flexible-Aviation-Insert      AOPA FinanceBrochure

Student Financial Aid

FAFSA, Federal financial aid available to students enrolled at Miami-Dade College’s School of Aviation. Through this program you can earn an associates degree, enjoy college aviation classes and fly with Wayman Flight Training. They are able to offer US federal student loans and have great connections for scholarship opportunities. Your bright futures and Pell grants are accessible through Miami-Dade College.



The Aviation Industry is very generous for those that reach out and seek help. There are numerous scholarship opportunities for local students from organization such as the Greater Miami Aviation Association (GMAA), the women’s pilot group 99s, OBAP and many more. Typically they require a student to already hold a private pilot certificate. Then they will fund additional training.

Visit this great this website for great aviation scholarships

Wayman Flight Training also offers pay as you go programs, and payment plans that brings your dreams closer to reality.

*Note: Most of these financial aid option require the student to be a US Resident or Citizen.

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