Flight Academy Facilities

Flight Training

Wayman Aviation Academy has 2 locations. The main facility is North Perry based, located in Pembroke Pines / Hollywoods, FL. It has an 11,000sqft hangar and 8,000sqft of classroom and offices. It was recently describe as “the Best flight training facility in South Florida” by our FAA inspectors. The airport has an excellent # of tic-tact-toe format which allow for 2 North-South and 2 East-West runways. There is never a bad cross wind. It’s 3,500′ runways are ample for flight training but limit jet traffic which is excellent for students. Watch our video to enjoy a tour of the location yourself. The Opa Locka Executive Airport (KOPF) base is just 7 miles north of Miami International Airport (MIA), one of the largest class B airports in the country. Along with over half a dozen class C airports (including Key West and West Palm Beach) in the immediate vicinity this gives pilots trained at Wayman a very large array of experience operating in controlled airspace. Our 6,000 sqft training facility includes two classrooms for ground instruction, a pilot lounge and kitchen. Wayman Aviation is an authorized PSI LaserGrade testing center.

Wayman Pilot Supplies

Located next door to the Flight Training Center. Wayman Pilot Supplies is an authorized dealer for

  • Jeppessen
  • Bose
  • David Clark headsets
  • Telex
  • FlightCOM
  • Gliem
  • And Many more

The flight training center has a weather station and internet terminal available for all students as well as a FRASCA MENTOR Advance Flight Training device, and ASA test preparation software.