Don’t Become a Pilot

How to Become a Pilot

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There are already a lot of articles, blog posts, videos and different media pieces telling you to become a pilot, but this is not one of those. This is different. We all need to see things from a different perspective once in a while and that’s why we’ll see the reasons to not to become a pilot.

1. Too many unique opportunities for pilots to find

It is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of experiences that pilots will encounter. Don’t become a pilot if you enjoy your comfort zone. New locations, experiences, and languages will confront you at every destination. How can you avoid all of the advantages in regards to travelling, knowing different parts of the planet, different cultures and different people.

Pilots have to confront and become more knowledgeable about the world that surrounds them. Wouldn’t you rather sit at home or in your cubicle?


2. Travel

Pilots have to see the globe in real-time from 30,000+ feet. Enjoying that stunning view of the sunrise from the cockpit during overnight flights really get in the way of staying home. Admittedly pilots get to know the airports where they land more than the actual cities. Will you stay at the hotel or get around to visit the sites and accumulate experiences across the world?

Don’t become a pilot if you are the stay at home type. You just won’t enjoy the huge amount of traveling they do and the immense number of destinations pilots visit. How Safe is it to Become an Airline Pilot?


3. Food

Mac & Cheese or peanut butter sandwiches? When pilots get to their destinations worldwide, they certainly have to eat something to recover their energies. Your favorite comfort food may not be on the menu. Will you opt for the sushi? Argentinian steak? Or bowl of udon soup? Opt for the room service and get a simple sandwich. Exploring the world-wide food culture is overwhelming.

Tasting different flavors from different cultures and having your taste buds have a delicious trip of their own is too exciting. Finding some McDonalds or KFC will make you feel right at home at in central Hanoi.

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4. Friends

Making friends worldwide is exhausting. If you prefer to head to work in a cubicle or hang out with the same 3 people don’t become a pilot. Every time you fly the crew will change and at every destination there will be different support staff. The number of names you’re going to have remember will skyrocket with the amount of new acquaintances and friends.

Everywhere a pilot goes, people will be around and it will be inevitable that they will want to know where the pilot is flying in from. Don’t go out in your uniform unless you want to attract attention and meet lots of people. It’s just an inevitable consequence of going different places and meeting new people almost every day.

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If all these arguments to not to become a pilot haven’t convinced you and, instead, you have reached here with an even bigger desire to become a pilot, that is because they’re just great things about becoming a pilot for the people that dreams about this profession.

If that is your case, don’t even hesitate and go ahead and look for a flight school right now and start your path to be one of those dreamers who get to know the world on a plane!