COVID-19 Response and Guide – Wayman Aviation Academy

Press Release

The aviation industry and worldwide economy is being hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. These are unprecedented times. However, we are pilots. What do we do? We learn, we adapt, we evolve and we overcome. Throughout the years Wayman Aviation Academy has never stepped aside from their mission; changing lives through aviation. Let there be no doubt that we will get through this phase with our Wayman crew. 

Dispatch Deep Cleaning

The Aviation industry has always seen a series of ups and downs. In Wayman’s 33 years we’ve gone through difficult times before; 9/11, 2 hurricanes and the 2008 economic crash. Eventually we came out of those stronger, as our CEO Tony Shen says because “Wayman succeeds not just by being smart in the business, but by being honest and passionate”. One of the biggest changes we have made since going through those times in the past is that we learned to own all our aircraft. “You are going to find schools with large fleet loans to service are going to fold, since we own all our aircraft we don’t have that pressure” Wayman Eduardo Luy, Vice President of our Academy says. 

Our Academy is following CDC guidelines, besides all the lessons learned from going through tough times we are taking extra precautions to keep our students safe and flying. “Sanitary is the word. Aircraft are now sanitize with alcohol. Along with good hand washing and regular cleaning from the maintenance team the aircraft are staying very sterile”. Our maintenance team cleans the aircraft after every flight. The Academy is receiving a weekly deep cleaning. The number of people that are allowed in our building has been limited to those that have a flight activities only. The majority of ground activities are now online. Here are just some of the precautions we have taken:

  • Academy will receive deep cleanings weekly
  • Afterhours flight operation will be supported by dispatch remotely
  • The majority of oral and ground school will be conducted online
  • Library and Study areas are limited. Students are encouraged to study at home.
  • Staffing will be minimized and flight schedule will be spread out so that we have minimum number of people arriving/departing at the same time

We believe that taking these precautions will provide our students with the best training they deserve in this unprecedented situation. If we do this right – and we believe we will – we will come out as a stronger Academy after this. Fact is, we are not just a flight school. We are Wayman Aviation Academy.

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