Associate of Aeronautical Science Degree

Why Wayman
Aviation Academy?

Obtain FAA Commercial Pilot License with CFI, CFII, R-ATP.

Assured job interview post-program.

Gain R-ATP certificate with only 1,250 hours

Earn up to $60,000 as Flight Instructor.

Earn an Associate's Degree.

Start your airline career 6 months earlier

Why Wayman Aviation Academy?

Obtain FAA Commercial Pilot License with CFI, CFII, R-ATP.

Assured job interview post-program.

Gain ATP certificate with only 1,250 hours

Earn up to $60,000 as Flight Instructor.

Earn an Associate's Degree.

Start your airline career 6 months earlier

No more time for waiting!

Pilot Salary
Pay Increase
Pilot Shortage
Airline Partner

Regional vs. Major Airlines Salaries
Most pilots begin their careers with a regional airline that is affiliated with a major airline, flying as a First Officer for about two years and earning around 2,000 additional flight hours. Depending on market demand and their own abilities, they may become a Captain at the regional airline or move on to a major airline as a First Officer. Salaries at regional airlines range from $82,000 to $191,000 for a Captain, while salaries at major airlines range from $97,000 to $392,000 a year.

Pay Increase at Regional Airlines
Due to the current pilot shortage, many regional airlines are rapidly increasing pay. For instance, American Airlines' regionals Envoy and PSA recently increased pay by 50%. This has led to a significant increase in pilots' salaries compared to pre-COVID times, with regional airlines offering an 86% increase.

Pilot Shortage
In the next 20 years, the pilot shortage is expected to continue growing. According to forecasts from Boeing the world needs 649,000 more skilled pilots. 127,000 in North America alone.

College Credits

Our Associate Degree Program starts a new class every month. It’s a flexible model, allowing students to begin their studies at any time, perfectly aligning with their schedules.




Core Flight Courses


General Education


Additional Courses


Aviation Academic

The Associate of Aeronautical Science Degree (A.S.) prepares students for careers as aviation professionals.

General Education Courses
ENC 101 English Composition I 3.0
ENC 102 English Composition II 3.0
MAC 101 College Algebra 3.0
HUM 101 World History 3.0
SSC 101 Introduction to Ethics 3.0
SCI 101 General Biology 3.0
Total Hours 18.0
Aviation Academic Course
ASC 100 Aviation Laws and Regulation 3.0
ASC 110 Aircraft Engine and Systems 3.0
ASC 120 Aviation Meteorology 3.0
ASC 130 Aerodynamics 3.0
ASC 140 Aviation Safety 3.0
ASC 150 Aviation History 3.0
Total Hours 18.0
Core Flight Courses
ATF 105 ATC Communication 1.0
ATT 100 Private Pilot Ground 4.0
ATF 100 Private Pilot Flight 4.5
ATT 110 Instrument Ground 4.0
ATF 110 Instrument Flight 3.0
ATT 120 Commercial Single Engine Ground 2.5
ATT 130 Commercial Multi-Engine Ground 1.0
ATF 122 Commercial Single-Engine Flight 2.5
Total Credits 22.5
Elective Courses (Flight Instructor Track)

Additional Courses

ATT 200 Certified Flight Instructor Theory 3.0
ATF 200 Certified Flight Instructor Flight 1.5
ATT 210 Instrument Flight Instructor Theory 2.0
ATF 210 Instrument Flight Instructor Flight 1.5
ATT 230 CF Standardization Theory 4.0
ATT 230 CF Standardization Flight 1.5
Total Hours 13.5
Elective Courses (Airline Pilot Track)
ATT 300 Advanced Aircraft Operations 4.0
ATT 310 Regional Airline Operations 4.0
ATT 320 Air Carrier Management 2.0
ATF 130 Multi Engine Pilot Flight 1.0
ATF 320 Advanced Flight Crew Qual 2.5
Total Hours 13.5

Tuition & Fees

The payment plan is flexible with options to pay the full amount upfront or in monthly installments to ensure affordability and accessibility for all students.


Class Tuition


Flight Fees


Est Fees
& Gov Charges

Pilot Flight Training Financing Available!

Full Financing for qualified US Citizens, Residents, and Non-Citizen students living in the US. From your first flight to Commercial Pilot, Flight Instructor work options and a pathway to the Airlines

State Approved & Accredited

Federal Aviation Administration
Florida Department of Education

Kickstart your professional journey in aviation with South Florida’s only dedicated flight degree academy. Dive deeper into your aviation knowledge while earning essential FAA Pilot Certificates, fostering an impactful career in major airlines. Unlock a world of opportunities above and beyond

What Our Students Say

Wayman students are flying around the world for every airline you can think of; American Airlines, Spirit, Delta, United, LATAM, JetBlue, Lion Air, Avianca, COPA and many more. Join a network of professional that spans the globe.

11 Months to Commercial

Zeynep completed the initial training and is pursuing airlines in her home country.

Flys in 9 Languages

Rilienka, a student pilot from Curacao tells us what its like to be an international student and gives advice in 9 languages!

Krish, Student Leader

Krisj is a student leader, ready to help, and has great advice for students starting their pilot journey

Our mission

Our mission is Changing Lives Through Aviation

ONLY 1250 hours

to get R-ATP License and join the airlines


Earn as a flight instructor and the experience of flight hours needed

Reduced ATP, Join the airline 6 months early

Wayman Aviation Academy, one of the newest aviation colleges in the state, announced it has been granted a restricted privileges airline transport pilot (R-ATP) certificate for students earning Wayman’s associate degree of aeronautical science.

This certificate enables students to enter the airline pilot workforce with only 1,250 hours instead of the 1,500 hours required by the FAA.

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