Associate of Aeronautical
Science Degree

2 Year Associates Degree in Aeronautics

Gain a deeper knowledge of Aviation, while earning your flight certificates.

Includes FAA Pilot Certificates

Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial, Multi-Engine, Flight Instructor, Instrument Instructor.

The ONLY Aviation Degree School in SFL

Flight Instructor Job Opportunities with Wayman Aviation Academy

State Approved & Accredited

You are Dedicated to being a Professional Pilot. Then join the ONLY Dedicated aviation degree school in South Florida. All of your classes will be about flying.  Aviation Safety and Aerodynamics deepen your knowledge as Aviation History will take you through the development of the aerospace industry right here, in the South Florida.

Total Credits

General Education

Aviation Academic

Core Flight Courses

Additional Courses

Tuition & Fees

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General Education Courses
Aviation Academic Course
Core Flight Courses
Elective Courses
(Flight Instructor Track)
Elective Courses
(Airline Pilot Track)

General Education Courses

ENC 101 English Composition I 3.0
ENC 102 English Composition II 3.0
MAC 101 College Algebra 3.0
HUM 101 World History 3.0
SSC 101 Introduction to Ethics 3.0
SCI 101 General Biology 3.0
Total Hours 18.0

Aviation Academic Course

ASC 100 Aviation Laws and Regulation 3.0
ASC 110 Aircraft Engine and Systems 3.0
ASC 120 Aviation Meteorology 3.0
ASC 130 Aerodynamics 3.0
ASC 140 Aviation Safety 3.0
ASC 150 Aviation History 3.0
Total Hours 18.0

Core Flight Courses

ATF 105 ATC Communication 1.0
ATT 100 Private Pilot Ground 4.0
ATF 100 Private Pilot Flight 4.5
ATT 110 Instrument Ground 4.0
ATF 110 Instrument Flight 3.0
ATT 120 Commercial Single Engine Ground 2.5
ATT 130 Commercial Multi-Engine Ground 1.0
ATF 122 Commercial Single-Engine Flight 2.5
Total Credits 22.5

Additional Courses

ATT 200 Certified Flight Instructor Theory 3.0
ATF 200 Certified Flight Instructor Flight 1.5
ATT 210 Instrument Flight Instructor Theory 2.0
ATF 210 Instrument Flight Instructor Flight 1.5
ATT 230 CF Standardization Theory 4.0
ATT 230 CF Standardization Flight 1.5
Total Hours 13.5

Additional Courses

ATT 300 Advanced Aircraft Operations 4.0
ATT 310 Regional Airline Operations 4.0
ATT 320 Air Carrier Management 2.0
ATF 130 Multi Engine Pilot Flight 1.0
ATF 320 Advanced Flight Crew Qual 2.5
Total Hours 13.5

What Our Students Say

Wayman students are flying around the world for every airline you can think of; American Airlines, Spirit, Delta, United, LATAM, JetBlue, Lion Air, Avianca, COPA and many more. Join a network of professional that spans the globe.

I moved from the cabin to the cockpit with Wayman. After years of working as a flight attendant I knew the lifestyle and decided I could do it. Wayman helped me take my career to the next level. They have a great facility, wonderful maintenance and a supportive staff that cares.


Through the pilot program I had my first flight with Wayman. I earned my Private through Commercial and CFI. They are very involved with the community and the Greater Miami Aviation Association. Their airline partnerships brought me my first airline job.


Working with Wayman as a flight instructor helped me reach the necessary hours for Airline Transport Pilot. The professionalism of this academy prepared me for the airlines, but it was still a lot of fun. Those first 1,500 hours set the stage for my career as a professional pilot.