College Flight Instructor Program

Credit for Pilot License
+ Earn a College Degree
+ Work in the USA

Convert your Foreign or FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate into college credit. Then add Flight Instructor (CFI) and CFII  ratings. Pair this with a college education and an Internship (OPT) work permit that allows you to work in the US as a pilot. 2 year Associate or 4 year Bachelor’s degrees available.

Job Interview Guarantee!

Earn up to $36,000/year as an Instructor

28+ Credits Savings on College Program

Foreign CPL and 215 Hours Required

Easy $3,000 Monthly Payment Plan

The Process

  • Step 1: Earn a US FAA Commercial Single Engine Pilot Certificate. If you have a Foreign Based Commercial Certificate, Wayman Aviation Academy will help you convert it to US FAA
  • Step 2: Enroll with our College Partner for an Associate or Bachelor’s degree. Most classes are Aviation oriented such as Aircraft Systems or Airport Operations. The partner F-1 visa allows you to work On Campus with Wayman, or OPT with any Aviation Business. College is simultaneous and parallel with your flight training.
  • Step 3: Earn you Flight Instructor’s certificate CFI, and CFII for instrument instructor. All flight training is done part-time with Wayman, while you attend college classes.
  • Step 4: Work as a Flight Instructor. After earning your instructor certificates and standardization you can be hired by Wayman Aviation Academy.A Job interview is guaranteed to any student in the Wayman CFI program. Priority is given to students that did PPL or IFR to CPL training with Wayman.

Learn + Work = Success

1,000+ Flight Hours, a College Degree, and a US FAA Pilot Certificates

This is the winning combination that will open the doors to your career. It takes hard work and dedication to become a comerical pilot in any country. But what makes you different from the next pilot applying for that airline job? Distinguish yourself with the most recognized certificate in the world, FAA issued in the United States of America. If your aim is Chief Pilot or flight operations a college degrees is necessary. Nothing get you seniority in hiring like flight hours.  Fly up to 1,000 hours per year as a CFI. Earn experience and rank higher.

The Job Gaurantee is dependent on completing Wayman CFI standardization, not failing more than 2 checkrides througout your training, and a letter of good standing from the Chief PIlot and Student Affairs.

Start Flying Today!