Best Miami Aviation Places & Sites

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From the grass field that uses to be Miami International to the original Pan Am Airways building Miami is drench in Aviation History and humidity. For over a century the magic of flight has captivated the interests of millions across the globe and has evolved from just a method of transportation to the theme of television shows, movies, restaurants, and so much more. If you have a passion for aviation, then take a look at the following list of top Miami aviation places and sites to visit.

1. Pan American Seaplane Base and Terminal Building

Website URL: http://www.nps.gov/nr/travel/aviation/pam.htm

The Pan American Seaplane Base and Terminal Building is a big part of Miami’s aviation history. This site served as a US Navy base for training in both WWI and WWII. The base also served as a stop for international travelers. The terminal building is now Miami City Hall. The building has murals dedicated to the history of flight, which make it an interesting stop.

2. Wings Over Miami Air Museum

Website URL: http://www.wingsovermiami.com

Located at Kendal-Tamiami Executive Airport, Wings Over Miami Air Museum is dedicated to sharing the history of aviation with people of all ages. The museum has a variety of both civilian and military aircraft which are immaculately maintained. The history of aviation should be cherished and this museum allows visitors to do just that.

3. FLL Viewing Areas

Website URL: http://www.broward.org/Airport/Community/Pages/Default.aspx

The viewing areas at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport are a great place to visit for some entertainment as well as to gain some knowledge about the various types of aircraft flying in and out of the airport. There are three viewing areas accessible to the public, each with different views of the airfield. These include the Greenbelt, Hibiscus Garage, and Ron Gardner viewing areas.

4. 94th Aero Squadron

Website URL: http://94thmiami.com/94thmiami/default.aspx

The 94th Aero Squadron restaurant is named after the 94th Fighter Squadron which is the second oldest currently active fighter squadron in the United States military. The restaurant overlooks the runways at Miami International Airport providing diners with an excellent view of the planes taking off and landing. Guests can even receive headsets to listen in on air traffic control! Listening to air traffic control is one of the best ways of becoming fluent in aviation communications so you can enjoy a meal as well as a learning experience! Don’t forget to visit for brunch

5. Airplane Shop

Website URL: https://www.airplaneshop.com

The Airplane Shop specializes in providing the best transportation collectibles. This store offers great customer service and will never fail to captivate your imagination. You can purchase aviation collectibles, dvds, puzzles, models and more! If you chat up the shopkeeper you might get to see the warehouse/production room in the back. They make all types of customs models, some with 10 foot wingspans!

6. Wayman Pilot Supplies

Website URL: http://www.shopwayman.com

Wayman Pilot Supplies has a huge aviation store at Miami Opa Locka Executive Airport. It’s about 20 minutes norther of MIA if you’re driving and the closest GA airport to Downtown Miami and South Beach. You can find charts for the full US, Bose headsets, uniforms, and all the stuff pilots want. Their collection of gifts items, kids clothing, and just fun airplane everything is unmatched. The flight school next door, Wayman Flight Training, gives 1-hour discovery flights that take you down the beach as far as Key Biscayne. Take a camera.

7. Banyan Pilot Shop

Website URL: http://www.banyanair.com/pilotshop.asp

Banyan Pilot Shop is a similarly size store farther north at Ft Lauderdale Executive. They offer a wide variety of aviation supplies from apparel to headsets and handhold radios. They store caters more to electronics and corporate and has great decoration

8. Jet Runway Café

Website URL: http://jetrunwaycafe.com

The Jet Runway Café is an interesting venue that is located at Ft. Lauderdale Executive airport. Jet Runway Café is an upscale eatery that offers an excellent breakfast and lunch to its patrons and can be reserved for corporate events, galas, and luncheons. Jet Runway Café also offers events from hangar parties to carnivals!

9. Markham Park R/C Airfield

Website URL: http://www.markhampark.com/rc-flying-field.html

Markham Park R/C Airfield is a great place to go out and have some fun! According to the website, in order to access the airfield you will need an AMA card as well as an annual membership. The runway is 775 feet long for use with your hobby r/c aircraft. If you however do not have your own R/C aircraft you can still learn a great amount about how aircraft work and fly by just watching these hobby aircraft go!

10. Miami Seaplane

Website URL: https://www.miamiseaplane.com

Miami Seaplane is a business dedicated to providing scenic tours of Miami as well as private charters to the destination of your dreams.  The company has been around since 1995 and is located off the Rickenbacker Causeway in Key Biscayne Florida. Miami Seaplane will give you an unforgettable experience and amazing views that not many get to experience.

If you enjoy aviation or you are considering to be a Commercial Pilot to the fullest, the possibilities are endless. Above are only a few of the various Miami aviation places and sites that will help you grow your inner aviator. Whether it be museums, cafes, pilot shops, websites, or private tours there is always a place to visit where you can expand your horizons!