Wayman and Aviomar Sign Partnership For European EASA Flight Training

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Wayman Aviation Academy is proud to announce a new partnership with Aviomar Flight Academy based in Rome, Italy. Students will be able to quickly complete their initial Private Pilot and Instrument rating education in Miami, Florida USA. During this time they are studying EASA theory. Then cadets will complete their commercial and multi-engine flights in Italy. Graduates will have the best of FAA and EASA experience and be inline for airline careers with European carriers. 

The program is designed for students to be able to get the most out of their time and training in an efficient way. They will work on their Private Pilot License, Instrument rating, and commercial time-building in Miami, Florida. This is an accelerated program of 6-10 months. During this period, they are completing most of the EASA theoretical studies online. Preparing for the 14 EASA exams is a difficult undertaking. In many European schools, this takes a year on its own. Doing the EASA simultaneously with FAA flight training allows for maximum efficiency and cost savings. Studying aviation is far more economical in the US costing ½ to ⅓ of the price in Europe and with fewer restrictions. Students then complete their commercial flight training and EASA ATPL exams in Rome, Italy. “Due to this partnership, we are able to give students the best training at the best price for their investment. Wrapping up your training with both FAA and EASA licenses gives you the best chance for a job in the cockpit. That is really important to us, especially in times like these. We will help out as much as we can by utilizing our network of alumni for high-performing students.” says Wayman admissions manager Erkan Ozmeric. Vice-President Wayman Eduardo Luy adds;“Miami is a hub for Europeans in the US. Beautiful weather, beaches, and a variety of cultures,” 

“The dual EASA/FAA licensing certification is a unique opportunity which widens the professional opportunities of aspiring pilots”.

Time and money are the biggest concerns for those who are pursuing EASA flight training. A Commercial Pilot License in Europe may reach €100,000 and take up to 24 months. That’s why two large and established flight academies from each side of the Atlantic created a solution to this problem. This “hybrid” training will take place in Miami and Rome, 2 world capitals, and is estimated to be completed in 14 to 16 months. Graduated pilots will have their FAA PPL certificate and IFR rating together with their Frozen EASA ATPL License. The total tuition fee is estimated to be around $60,000 (55,000 EURO) which provides a significant advantage to other flight schools.  Having 2 major licenses in a short time with such an economic price tag will be an excellent value for those who pursue the Professional Pilot program with Wayman and Aviomar.

“The dual EASA/FAA licensing certification is a unique opportunity which widens the professional opportunities of aspiring pilots. This, coupled with training in two of the world’s most fascinating cities such as Rome and Miami, makes the program incredibly attractive, while also being affordable.” Says Capt. Michele Marano, Aviomar General Manager.

Aviomar was established in 1982 and is managed by former Alitalia Captain Riccardo Marano. Their team of instructors is composed of experienced and standardized airline and military pilots, ensuring the highest standards of training. At Aviomar, students can follow private and commercial pilot license courses, as well as frozen ATPL (integrated and modular), and courses to obtain an instrument rating or an instructor certificate (FI – IRI – CRI – SFI – TRI – MCCI), as well as several other ratings.

Wayman Aviation Academy, based in Pembroke Pines, FL, and operates a fleet of more than 42 aircraft. It is the largest and longest running flight school in South Florida for over 33 years. Wayman specializes in flight training for international and local students from their first hour of flight through to commercial pilots and Certified Flight Instructors ready for careers in the airlines. The school partners with Miami Dade College, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Liberty University, and the Greater Miami Aviation Association. Visit Wayman.net or follow @waymanaviation on Instagram, YouTube, twitter or Linkedin.