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Wayman has developed a proprietary training curriculum that will greatly benefit our future pilots. This curriculum is designed to help you achieve your ratings in a shorter amount of time and with a reduced budget.

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Save up to $20K with Wayman’s Accelerated Program: 170 flight hrs vs. 250 in the Standard Program.

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Open the door to the next step toward the airline captain seat faster.

The First Step Towards becoming an Airline Pilot

Earning a commercial pilot certificate marks the beginning of your career as a professional pilot. You are equipped to pursue a range of professional opportunities in aviation, whether your goal is to join an airline or explore other careers in the field.

Starting from Zero

If you have little or no flight experience, this is where you start.

10-12 months to earn FAA certificates


Flight Hours

  • Private Pilot Certificate
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate Single Engine


Ground Hours

  • Ground School, ATC Communication
  • Ground 1-to-1 Instruction

Starting with PPL

If you hold an FAA/ICAO private pilot certificate and aim for a FAA commercial, this is where you start.

8-10 months to earn FAA certificates


Flight Hours

  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate Single Engine


Ground Hours

  • Ground School, ATC Communication
  • Ground 1-to-1 Instruction

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FAA Part 141 Certified Flight Training Center

Authorized Training Supplier

Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training

Florida Department of Education

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Program Details

Salary Overview

Flight Instructor


First Officer (Republic Airlines)
First Year First Officer Pay*


Captain (American Airlines)
Based on 5 years’ experience **


* According to career opportunities at Republic Airlines

** As reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2022 median salary for airline captains, copilots, and flight engineers in the U.S. was $203,010. Anticipating a 20-40% salary increase by 2027, this reflects a robust growth trajectory in pilot compensation.

Path to Captain Seat
Earning a commercial pilot license opens various career paths, not just in airlines but across the aviation sector. Typically, a commercial pilot license is your first step toward becoming an airline pilot.

Other Job Positions
Commercial pilots also find opportunities in diverse roles such as cargo transportation, aerial surveying, firefighting from the air, emergency medical flights, and flight instruction, among others.


  • Students must have 18 years of Age
  • Be Able to Read, Write, and Speak English at ICAO level 4 standards
  • Hold a 1st or 2nd Class FAA Medical (After US Arrival)
  • International Students will need an M-1 Student Visa & TSA clearance

100% Financing Available

Full Financing for qualified US Citizens, Residents, and Non-Citizen students living in the US.
Pilot Student Loans close in 14 days or less, offer flexible repayment options, ensure transparent terms, and accept lower credit scores.
A friendly local credit union offers aviation credit lines from $5k to $30k, suitable for starting or completing flights, available only to full-time US Citizens/Residents enrolling in the full program through instructor certification.
Programs Cost

Starting from PPL
IR, CPL Single Engine


Starting from PPL
IR, CPL Single & ME Add-on


Starting from Zero
PPL, IR, CPL Single Engine


Starting from Zero
PPL, IR, CPL Single & ME Add-on


FAA Written Exams, Practical Tests, FAA Medical Exam, FAA Records and Scheduling, Enrollment Fee, Aircraft & liability coverage, Books and Supplies (required and will be provided), Account Closure, Support, EFB Estimated budget of $6,000.

Add 10 months of housing for $7,950.

What Our Flight Students and Alumni Say

Wayman students are taking flight around the world with some of the most renowned airlines in the industry. From American Airlines to Spirit, Delta to United, LATAM to JetBlue, Lion Air to Avianca, COPA and many more, our students are soaring to new heights. Join our network of professionals and expand your horizons globally..

11 Months to Commercial

Zeynep completed the initial training and is pursuing airlines in her home country.

Flys in 9 Languages

Rilienka, a student pilot from Curacao tells us what its like to be an international student and gives advice in 9 languages!

Krish, Student Leader

Krisj is a student leader, ready to help, and has great advice for students starting their pilot journey

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