All New ShopWayman.com

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Wayman Pilot Supplies has been a great resources for pilots in Miami, the Caribbean, Europe, and South America for nearly 20 years. It’s e-commerce store at WaymanPilotSupplies.com has been online since 2004. Today it gets a dramatic overhaul. A new engine, interiors, avionics, and a paint job.

The items available through the online store have tripled, with more to come. It will soon have a full up-to-date stock accurately representing the thousands of items featured at the brick & mortar store Miami, Florida.

Together with Wayman.net it will fully take advantage of our Facebook and Twitter ( @WaymanAviation ) presence. The new store opens the gates on product reviews and customer tagging for pilot-to-pilot recommendations. The checkout process has been simplified to one page. There are wish lists if you find something interesting, and the always popular Free local pick up.

We look forward to making our full store available not only to those in the Greater Miami area but also to our favorite customers coming in from Brazil, Puerto Rico, and Germany.

Lastly, the address has been dramatically shortened to ShopWayman.com