5 Healthy Snacks For Cross Country Flights

Student Tips


Cross country flying is a part of flight training for every pilot. These flights tend to be very long and will definitely bring about hunger and thirst which will degrade focus. Healthy snack choices are important when flying to keep hydrated, energized and to sustain the focus needed to fly safely and proficiently. Here are 5 easy to find and carry snacks that are perfect for long cross country flights.

  1. Water is probably the most important thing to have on any flight. Flight trainers are small and when flying thousands of feet up the air is usually dryer. Staying properly hydrated enables the brain to stay alert so we can keep our attention and focus.
  2. Granola and energy bars are full of calories and are rich in protein, fiber, nutrients and most importantly vitamin B which boosts energy. 
  3. Bananas are full of potassium, carbohydrates and vitamin B6 which also gives lots of quick energy to the body.
  4. Nuts are a delicious way to keep your brain healthy and retain focus on long flights. Different kinds of nuts improve memory, cognitive function and increase blood flow to the brain for better brain function.
  5. Dried fruit are great because they can be preserved much longer than regular fruit without refrigeration. They are also full of micronutrients, antioxidants and contain ample amounts of sugar that boosts energy. Antioxidants also help to improve blood flow and reduce risk of many diseases.

As pilots we have a lot of responsibility on our hands daily. However, it is crucial to always be responsible for our physical and mental well being as well. A healthy body and mind will help us to be better more focused pilots. 

Remember to bring something to put your empty trash in when done eating in the airplane. Also, pack some wet wipes, paper towels or hand sanitizer to clean your hands so that whoever flies next will have a clean airplane! What are some of your favorite snacks to bring on cross country flights? Leave a comment below!