5 Benefits to Become a Commercial Pilot in Miami

How to Become a Pilot


1) Excellent Schools

You’ll find no shortage of excellent flight schools in the Miami area. 22 Schools and 5 University programs by our last count. There are always several flight schools located at the 5 GA airports so you are not limited to only one choice. 

When choosing a flight school in florida you must be certain to do you research and find the one that is best for you. Many schools will help with your relocation and help make the transition a smooth process.

2) Good flying weather year round

Miami has excellent weather when it comes to flying. You do not have to worry about any winter weather in Miami as it is warm throughout the year. This means that you can fly all year without being grounded for extended periods of time.  Along with the warm weather you will find that Miami is a beautiful place to fly. While becoming a commercial pilot in Miami, you will find that the city’s beautiful beaches and scenery will keep you captivated.

3) Cost effective training

If you are worried about the cost of training in Miami then worry no more! You will find that many of the excellent schools you will choose from will have excellent rates as well. The good schools will make sure that your money is well spent on what is necessary and will not have you wasting your money unknowingly.


4) Variety of nearby airports

Miami has an abundance of different types of airports. You will have the opportunity to land on runways of different lengths. From the 10,500 ft runway at Dade Collier to the 3,000 ft runway at Homestead GA Airport, you will always have various options to keep you on your toes. At cross country destinations you can opt for the classic $100 hamburger, or instead go for stone crab (Everglades City), or conch chowder (Marathon).

5) Variety of Airspace 

Along with the different types of airports comes their corresponding airspaces. Miami has a wide variety of airspace from the most complicated Class Bravo (B) near Miami International to the wide open Class E over the Everglades. Career oriented students will eventually be flying into the JFKs and LAXs of the world and need that experience of flying into controlled airspace.

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