43 New Student Pilots Start with Wayman Aviation

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Pembroke Pines, FL– Wayman Aviation Academy, South Florida’s largest flight school and only dedicated Aviation College, begins the new year with its first ever college cohort and vocational students for a record total of 43 new pilot candidates for January 2023. After much work and dedication, Wayman Aviation finally received its certification as a College of Aeronautics. This allows them to provide an Associate’s Degree in Aeronautical Science for students who attend collegiate education along with their flight certificates.




Wayman Aviation VP, Wayman Eddy Luy, said, “We are so excited to welcome our first collegiate class. This will make the program more accessible and provide a deeper  aeronautical knowledge for graduates.” It took years of expert consultation and endless correspondence between various accreditation agencies for the program to come to fruition. The organization is very proud to be able to officially call themselves a college. Pending further certification, Wayman Aviation Academy will officially change its name to the Wayman College of Aviation

The creation of a new aviation college comes during an important juncture in the industry. An ongoing international pilot shortage exacerbated by the pandemic has left a need for new pilots that is being unmet by current trainers. The Wayman Aviation college program provides one of the few accessible routes for future pilot candidates to obtain their licenses as well as a supplementary degree to help alleviate the issue. 

Wayman Aviation is proud to be a part of the solution to a global issue as well as providing an economical pathway for those who wish to follow their aviation dreams. Especially in the Miami Ft Lauderdale area, which is an international aviation hub. The new collegiate program promises more opportunities for all stakeholders in the industry and expands accessibility to accommodate anyone who wishes to join this exciting fast paced industry.

About Wayman Aviation

Wayman Aviation Academy ( http://Wayman.EDU ) is the largest and longest running Ab Initio flight school in South Florida. It is the only dedicated aviation college in South Florida offering Associate in Aeronautical Science Degrees. They are celebrating 35 years of launching pilot careers into the skies above Miami. The school focuses on initial training through commercial flight training in preparation for airline careers. They have 5 airline partners including SkyWest and Republic Airways which fly for American Airlines, United, and Delta. Wayman is approved for international students’ visas. It operates a fleet of 40+ aircraft at Hollywood North Perry Airport (KHWO). Wayman Aviation partners with Miami-Dade College, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and Liberty University for degree programs. Learn more about Wayman Aviation Academy at Wayman.edu or on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook @WaymanAviation