10 Must Have Items For Your Flight Bag

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10 Must Have Items For Your Flight Bag

The flight bag is a basic item to have for every aviator. Once you have picked out the right one for you, deciding what items you want to carry can make flying more comfortable and have you prepared. Here are 10 must have items for your flight bag:

  1. Pilot License, I.D. & Medical – As basic as it sounds, it is always important to have your licenses, valid medical and some form of government identification. Make sure it is in your flight bag or if not in your bag, in a wallet.
  2. Headset – Possibly the most important item after your credentials. It is the cornerstone of all communication. Always ensure that it is intact and packed. 
  3. Snacks – Long cross country flights can easily bring major hunger. A hungry stomach makes it harder to focus and feel comfortable on long flights. Be sure to bring some healthy snacks that will keep you sharp. Here are 5 healthy snack choices for cross country flights.
  4. Water – Perhaps even more important than snacks. It is easy to get dehydrated when flying at altitude. The air is usually dryer and small airplanes can often be hot. Water will keep you hydrated, avoid headaches and make it easier to maintain focus.
  5. Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) / iPad – A tablet loaded with an EFB or ForeFlight makes flight planning absolutely easier, safer and more efficient. There are also many other great apps that help with flight planning. Here are 11 great apps for flight planning.
  6. E6B & Sectional Charts – Although they will rarely be needed, they can prove crucial in a situation where electronics have failed. 
  7. Battery Charger – In the day and age of smartphones, tablets and electronic flight bags battery life becomes priceless. On long flights and on days when you forget to charge your devices fully, an external battery pack could prove a lifesaver. The last thing you would want is your phone or EFB dying mid flight.
  8. Flashlight – The flashlight comes especially in handy when doing preflight inspection during night flights. An important item could easily be forgotten because you could not see it. 
  9. Sanitary Wipes – Many different people fly in training airplanes and as a result many different hands touch the controls and switches on the flight deck. Stay clean and sanitized and avoid getting sick with a pack of sanitary wipes.
  10. Pens & Notepad – Another underrated item. Keep a few good pens and a notepad for jotting down instructions and math. A tablet or ForeFlight’s scratchpad can be used as well, but it is good to have an analog backup.

Choosing the right items for your flight bag will have you more prepared and make your flying experience much better. Fortunately, we have many flight bags and many of these items are for sale in our pilot store. What are some of your favorite things to carry in your flight bag?