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College Aeronautics Degree

  • Associates of Aeronautical Science Degree
  • Pilot Certificates + College Degree together
  • Earn credits career training while flying
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Study, Fly & Work in the USA

  • Complete the Professional Pilot Program From Our Flight School
  • 3 Year Aviation University
  • Work On-Campus as a Flight Instructor
  • Work up to 3 Years at a US Airline
InSight Aviation Program by Wayman Aviation Academy with an Airplane in the background in the Flight School in Miami

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Unlock Your Full Potential. Become a Pilot and Rule The Sky.

Be the Captain. Take control of your future through our Top Tier, accelerated flight school program. We have a proven record of 33 years of experience and thousands of alumni flying around the world. Start your training in beautiful Miami, Florida USA, with 350+ sunny flying days a year. We are one of the best Flight School in the USA.

Enrollment Requirements

  • 18 Years of Age
  • ICAO Level 4 English
  • Qualified for FAA 1st Class Medical
  • High School Diploma

Our Graduates are Flying Around the World

Congratulations to all our Wayman Aviation Academy Alumni that are flying around the world as first officers and captains. Below are just a few of the Over 70+ Airlines that have hired Wayman Aviation Academy graduates.

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For US Citizens & Residents
Pilot Training Finance Available

Fund your career from Private Pilot to Commercial, CFII/II, and a Job option as a Flight School Instructor. Then a pathway to our Airline Partners. Cover all flights and tuition.

Program Cost: $47,450

Great Value! Private to Commercial Single Engine Tuition

Tuition Deferred During Training

Focus on Flying Full-Time

Work as a Flight Instructor

Earn Experience working as a CFI


Largest & Longest Running Flight School

Wayman trains students from over 80 countries with a team of dedicated and experienced Flight Instructors in our extensive fleet of 42+ aircraft. We can help your dreams come true and take you to the cockpit of an airliner in 10 to 12 months. Wherever you are from, the visa is not a problem. Our highly experienced admissions personnel will guide you through the process until you reach our campus in Miami, FL.


FAA Part 141 Certified Flight Training Center

Quality Aircraft, Instruction, & Dedication

M-1 VISA Homeland Security

M-1 Visa Authorization & TSA

International Students Can Reach for a Higher Education in the USA

Sallie Mae

Full Student Loan Financing

For Qualified US Citizens and Residents


Miami Dade College Aviation Partner

Earn an Associates Degree with MDC & Wayman

FTE Award

One of the Top Flight Schools in the Country

According to the Aircraft Owner’s & Pilot’s Association, AOPA


Authorized Training Supplier

Inspected and Certified by Boeing for Commercial and Military training


Financial Aid & Scholarships

Solutions to Meet Your Budget



Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training

Earn Your Wings With Us


Aircraft to Train On


Flight Hours Per Year


Certified Instructors

Student Testimonials



“I moved from the Cabin to the Cockpit with Wayman. After years of working as a flight attendant I knew the lifestyle and decided I could do it. When I arrived in the United States Wayman Aviation helped me find housing, a great instructor, and my career. They have a great facility, wonderful maintenance, and supportive staff that cares.”



“Working with Wayman as a flight instructor helped me reach the necessary hours for Airline Transport Pilot (ATP). The professionalism of this academy prepared me for the airlines, but it was still a lot of fun. We taught students from around the world, with a big well maintained fleet. Those first 1,500 hours set the stage for my career as a professional pilot”


Juan Jose

“The instructors and management at Wayman took a personal interest in my success. Thanks to the obtaining the FAA License at Wayman, I obtained my first job in aviation as a co-pilot for a fleet of executive airplanes. After experience I was able to become a Boeing 757 Pilot and the Safety Manager of my current airline.”



“Through Miami-Dade College, I had my first flight with Wayman Aviation Academy. I earned my Private, Instrument, and Commercial certificates at Miami Opa Locka Airport. They are very involved with the community and the Greater Miami Aviation Association. Their partnership with Republic Airlines brought me my first airline job and now I am flying with Spirit Airlines.”

Professional Pilot Program

Get Paid to Fly

Be the Captain. Take control of your future through our Top Tier, accelerated flight academy program. We have a proven record of 33 years of experience and thousands of alumni flying around the world. Start your training in beautiful Miami, Florida USA, with 350+ sunny flying days a year.

  • Top Tier Airline Academy
  • Accelerated Express-track 10 Month Program
  • Flight Instructor Jobs available
  • Fly in Beautiful Sunny South Florida
Pilots at Wayman Flight School

Professional Pilot Program

Start Your Career in 10-12 months


Great Value! Private to Commercial Single Engine

Wayman Aviation Academy is the leading flight school in Miami, Florida. We specialize in offering comprehensive pilot training programs, designed to transform aviation enthusiasts into professional pilots. Our flight school is renowned for its accelerated pilot training, allowing students to become professional pilots in as little as 10 months.

With over three decades of experience, Wayman Aviation Academy, our flight school, has a proven track record of success. We have thousands of alumni flying for airlines around the globe, a testament to the quality of our pilot training.


The flight school is located in sunny Miami, Florida, a location that boasts over 350 flying days a year. This unique opportunity allows our pilot training students to gain practical flying experience rapidly.

At Wayman Aviation Academy, we believe in providing our students with a holistic learning experience. We offer opportunities to work as a flight instructor, allowing you to gain valuable industry experience while honing your skills. Our pilot training is not just about flying; it’s about becoming an aviator, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to navigate the skies.

We pride ourselves on our rigorous curriculum, experienced instructors, and state-of-the-art facilities. Our flight school is committed to excellence and dedicated to nurturing the dreams of aspiring pilots. We offer a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical training, ensuring our graduates are well-prepared for the challenges and rewards of a career in aviation.Join us at Wayman Aviation Academy, where your journey to becoming a professional pilot takes flight. Our flight school is more than a training center; it’s your stepping stone to the cockpit of an airliner. Embark on your aviation journey with our pilot training at Wayman Aviation Academy today.